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New uses for Lithium Primary batteries appear every day in areas as diverse as industrial electronics, information technology, medical care, and military aerospace. H&V’s industry-leading Lithium Primary separators are engineered to be stable in non-aqueous electrolyte environments and are optimized for both strength and battery performance.

  • H&V separators can sustain the battery temperatures in excess of 400°C.
  • Our separators provide optimum smoothness and consistency of surface for efficient battery assembly in both button cell and spiral wound processes.

H&V Lithium Primary separators deliver critical separator consistency.

Additional benefits include:

  • High purity and stability in non-aqueous electrolyte environments.
  • Stable in high-heat applications.
  • High Porosity to maximize electrolyte volume.
  • Good physical strength for battery assembly.
  • Smooth surfaces for further optimization in battery processing.
  • Tight thickness and basis weight control for processing.

Our most popular grades, BG03013 and BGO4013, are differentiated by weight and thickness and are stable in temperatures approaching 300°F. For higher heat applications, we recommend BG03015, a binder-free separator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lithium Primary

MD Tensile
Specific Surface Area
BG03015 34 0.25 1.5 2.0
BG03013 29 0.20 2.0 2.0
BG04013 42 0.29 2.5 2.0