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Material-handling equipment, such as electric lifts, pallet trucks, and mining carts require reliable energy to keep them on the run. When a zero-emission, maintenance-free, and non-hazardous power source is critical, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are the technology of choice. H&V has the right AGM separator for your technical needs.

  • EnergyGuard® exhibits 170% the compression recovery of glass mat, making it ideal for deep discharge applications.
  • EnergyGuard has 320% puncture resistance over glass mat for improved manufacturing.


Our separators include the following features:

  • High-rate discharge performance
  • Reserve capacity optimization
  • High-porosity for maximum electrolyte volume
  • Cycling optimization
  • Electrolyte stratification resistance
  • Compression maintenance (recovery)
  • High-vibration resistance
  • Chemical purity and consistency
  • Thickness and basis-weight control
  • Electrolyte–filling efficiency
  • Wrapping/stacking efficiency
  • Assembly defect reduction (rips, splits, tears, and punctures)
  • Paste imperfection protection (paste lumps, spurs, etc.)

Our EnergyGuard® DB separator offers peak performance while helping to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce assembly defects. EnergyGuard separators use a small portion of synthetic fibers to greatly improve tensile and puncture strength. Our all-glass product lines, BGO-65 and BGCB, exhibit excellent compression properties and are the most widely used all-glass products in the global market.

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Motive Power

MD Tensile
Specific Surface Area
BG160HB104 160 1.04 6.0 1.8
BG200HB127 200 1.27 7.5 1.8
BG300HB192 300 1.92 9.0 1.8