Nanoweb® fm

Nanoweb® FM

Nanoweb® FM is a new filtration media made by H&V, designed for use in homemade face masks.

The Centers for Disease Control has issued new guidance to encourage the general public to wear cloth face coverings in order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Several cities and states have added local mandates, requiring residents to wear face coverings in public.

Increasingly, consumers are purchasing or making their own face masks.  While cloth masks protect others by reducing the release of infectious particles, they do not offer much protection for the wearer. Nanoweb® FM offers a significant improvement to the consumer, and can be inserted in a face mask pocket or stitched into a disposable pleated mask. Nanoweb® FM is easy to use at home for increased protection while still being breathable for overall comfort.

Importantly, this new media will not negatively affect the supply of respiratory protective equipment required by healthcare workers and other medical first responders.

Face Mask Kits and Nanoweb® FM for the General Public

H&V has also partnered with Midwest Textiles & Supplies, one of the largest sellers of direct-to-consumer sewing projects, to sell ready-to-sew face mask kits for the general public using the new Nanoweb® FM media. Through this partnership, consumers will also have the ability to purchase Nanoweb® FM media in sheet or roll form.

Prospective customers interested in purchasing larger quantities of roll goods (50,000 square yards and up) may submit an inquiry on our  Contact Us page.

Read more at our press release, Midwest Textiles & Supplies and Hollingsworth & Vose Partner Up to Sell Ready-to-Sew Face Mask Kits and Nanoweb® FM for the General Public.