Indoor Air Quality

We usually think of air pollution as being outdoors, but the environments where we live and work are also polluted. Substances from natural and man-made origins thrive on indoor processes and materials. Pollutants smaller than 2.5 ppm—such as smooth particles, nanoparticles, VOCs, and molecular contaminants—can have serious effects on human health. Respiratory allergies and cardiovascular disease from indoor pollutants are on the rise.

H&V produces high-quality filtration materials needed to control contamination, humidity, and temperature. HVAC and cleanroom systems that condition and filter indoor air need to be reliable and energy efficient. We respond to the highest performance standards with innovative media that not only reduces energy consumption, but also removes particulates and contamination to promote clean indoor environments.

H&V manufactures a wide range of personal, room, appliance, facility and system air quality media products.  Click "View All Indoor Air Quality" below to scan all of the other media made especially for your application.

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