Emission regulations and energy efficiency are major drivers in the transportation industry. These market challenges have fueled some of H&V’s greatest innovations. Our air, oil, fuel urea, and hydraulic filtration media will help you create higher-value products.

Capaceon™ for air and lube applications fit filters into tighter spaces than ever before. 

NANOWEB™ air filtration products help protect mass air flow sensors and the entire engine intake system from soot particles.

• Technostat™ and Molecular Filter Media protect vehicle and plane passengers from the finest particles and environmental odors while minimizing energy usage. 

• Our newest nanofiber fuel media help protect engines from water and particles while achieving the latest emission requirements across the world—regardless of the fuel quality.

H&V specializes in engine air intake, fuel and batteries for the transportation industry.  Click "View All Transportation" below to scan all of the other media made especially for your vehicles.

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