Lamination & Composites

• Adhesive Bonding:  Adhesive is applied either to the entire surface area of the material, or to discrete points to bond materials together.

• Ultrasonic Bonding:  By using ultrasonic vibration focused on specific areas of the web, the fibers are softened and pressed together. As the web cools, the bond points solidify and result in a consolidated web.

• Calendar Bonding:  The web is bonded by using a calendar to apply heat and pressure. Area and point bonding are the two primary methods used. Area bonding involves two smooth calendars through which the web is passed. Point bonding involves one patterned and one smooth calendar, resulting in a loftier and textured web.

• Webs Incorporating Functional Particles:  H&V employs two proprietary processes to form webs which incorporate functional particles. These webs are composites designed for your applications which require a combination of particulate and adsorptive filtration.