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In vehicles, the traditional role of the lead acid battery is to provide starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI). Increased electrical demands in modern passenger cars (such as GPS and DVD players) and all-terrain sport vehicles are raising the bar for battery performance. H&V delivers Absorptive Glass Mat (AGM) battery separators that ensure batteries perform at optimum levels.

  • EnergyGuard® exhibits 200% the tensile strength of glass mat, making it ideal for high-speed automated manufacturing.
  • EnergyGuard has 320% improved puncture resistance over glass mat for protection against vibration and pasting defects.

Today, the most demanding SLI applications have upgraded to Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. Picking the right AGM separator is crucial for cycle life and performance in demanding conditions.

Our separators include the following features:

  • High-rate discharge performance
  • Cycling optimization 
  • High-vibration resistance
  • High-porosity for maximum electrolyte volume
  • Electrolyte stratification resistance
  • Compression maintenance (recovery)
  • Chemical purity and consistency
  • Thickness and basis-weight control
  • Electrolyte–filling efficiency
  • Wrapping/stacking efficiency
  • Assembly defect reduction (rips, splits, tears, and punctures)
  • Paste imperfection protection (paste lumps, spurs, etc.)

H&V’s EnergyGuard® HB is a high-strength separator, robust against vibration and assembly defects caused by pasting lumps. Our BG CB all-glass product line is the most widely used separator in SLI. It’s optimized for acid filling, plate-wrapping, stacking, cell compression, high-rate discharge, and reserve capacity. H&V manufactures our separators at regional mills around the world for fast delivery and local application support.

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Engine Starting

MD Tensile
Specific Surface Area
BG210CB132 210 1.32 3.0 1.4
BG330CB206 330 2.06 4.5 1.4
BG410CB257 410 2.57 5.5 1.4
BG200DB130 200 1.30 4.5 1.3
BG275DB180 275 1.80 5.5 1.3
BG330DB217 330 2.17 6.5 1.3
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