Air Filtration


Engineered glass and synthetic filter media for vacuum cleaners and air purifiers.

Cabin Air Filtration

H&V Molecular Filter Media – MFM (also Adsorptive Filter Media – AFM) create healthier passenger environment by cleaning the polluted outside air of dust, pollen, soot, harmful gases and noxious odors – this is of greater importance to allergic, asthmatics and children.


HEPA and ULPA filter media provide sterile production spaces in semi-conductor and industrial cleanrooms.


Coalescers remove liquids from gases—water, oil, and other fluid contaminants are trapped with our media's unique surface structure and gradient density.

Engine Intake

Developed for heavy duty air, automotive, and commercial vehicle engine air filters, H&V’s engine intake media set the standard by offering low restriction and exceptional dust-holding capacity.

Gas Turbine/Dust Collector

Our range of pulse-cleaned and static high-performance filter media that meet the demands of gas turbine filtration in the world's harshest environments.


Our glass and synthetic HVAC filter media offer low pressure drop, high energy efficiency, and long filter life for residential and industrial systems.

Medical Equipment

High-performing, long-lasting filter media for efficient removal of sub-micron particles in medical environments and use in respiratory support devices.

Molecular Filter Media

MFM combines molecular and particulate filtration for removal and control of odors, VOCs, toxic gases and airborne pollutants.

Respiratory Protection

H&V offers a wide selection of highly engineered media, which have a proven track record of consistency and reliability which meets the stringent requirements of the NIOSH and European respirator standards.

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