Industrial Products

Nonwovens meet technical and aesthetic demands across a wide range of industrial applications.  H&V employs technologies that use natural and synthetic fiber to form technical papers and fabrics that meet the requirements critical to our customers. 

Advanced Fiber Nonwovens

Advanced Fiber Nonwovens (AFN) deliver electrical properties, chemical resistance, or improved surface finish to fiber reinforced plastic materials.


H&V produces natural and synthetic fiber embroidery backing, waistband interlining, and garment care labels.

Engineered Composite Materials

H&V manufactures durable fiber based wet friction and gasket materials for use in a wide range of vehicular and industrial sealing applications.

Home Furnishings

UV stable window coverings, textured and patterned acoustic ceiling tile facer, and light filtering or blocking Hovotex Drapery Buckram are H&V home furnishing nonwovens.

Industrial Nonwovens

H&V Industrial nonwovens consist of stationery fastener substrate, substrate for harsh indoor and outdoor applications, and sew-in labels that can stay put or disperse in water.