Industrial Label & Tag

H&V’s nonwovens deliver the printed message on your label or tags while meeting the critical technical requirements for each application. Our fiber-reinforced, resin-saturated label stocks can be designed to perform in environments of chemical exposure, high humidity, and high temperature.

  • H&V specialty label stock can be designed to disperse in water in less than 15 seconds.
  • By selecting high performance fibers and binder our products remain durable when exposed to heat up to 400°F. 
  • Printability, uniformity, opacity and high tear resistance can all be engineered into the products.    

H&V custom engineered nonwoven label stocks meet the widest range of demands. Our synthetic fiber reinforced nonwovens add durability and strength that go beyond many synthetic and paper-based label stocks. We also have specially designed water dispersible papers for restaurants and food service rotation labeling to ensure safe handling and easy clean-up.    

  • Materials are specially formulated for ink-jet, laser, and sublimation printing.  
  • Durable substrates are ideal for sewable labels in garments, furniture, and automotive applications
  • When used in the food and restaurant industry, H&V water dispersible paper stock combines superior printability with wash-away ease.

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Industrial Label & Tag Products

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