Friction Materials

H&V Industrial Brands

Critical components of cars and heavy machinery—brakes, transmissions, and clutches—are placing new technical demands on wet friction materials. H&V is a leader in the production of fiber-based composites for friction and sealing applications.   

  • H&V’s friction papers predictably control the coefficient of friction, thermal management, and durability of friction surfaces. 
  • A wide range of resin-rich products (25-35% by weight) are available that offer smooth power transfer when fully cured.
  • All of our friction materials are produced to meet your specific requirements; we can use your product formulation or we will use our technical resources to develop materials based upon criteria critical to your finished product.

Manufacturers of automotive brakes, transmissions, and clutches need superior friction materials that contribute less weight to vehicles at a lower cost. H&V combines cellulose and synthetic fibers, binders, and inorganic fillers to form a matrix that when saturated with specially designed thermal setting resins produce customer engineered friction paper to ensure even wear and long life. 

  • We custom design and manufacture fiber-based wet friction materials for OEM and the aftermarket applications that are lighter weight, more durable, and incorporate recycled materials.
  • Our high-durability friction materials withstand the most demanding applications in passenger and heavy duty vehicles.
  • H&V develops materials to meet your requirements in friction technology by using the newest fiber and resin technologies available.

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