Gasket & Sealing

H&V Industrial Brands

H&V's expansive offering of engineered composite materials for gaskets assure optimum performance and service life. Our unique beater addition capability for manufacturing sealing and gasket materials utilizes resins, fillers, and fibers designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.

  • Our manufacturing process is capable of producing rolls and sheets with a caliper between 0.010 inches and 0.125 inches and density ranging from 45 pounds to 105 pounds/cubic foot.

H&V’s sealing and gasket products are ideal for use in auto engines, heavy-duty diesel trucks, and industrial applications, such as the sealing of refrigeration components and vacuum systems. Original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket gasket fabricators rely on us as a trusted engineering resource. 

  • Each raw material building block of the composite matrix is selected to match the specific application for compatibility with fluids, fuels, oils, and coolants.
  • Resistance to thermal degradation is engineered into our products and represents an important characteristic when selecting a sealing paper to withstand high temperatures for sustained periods. 
  • H&V sealing and gasket materials demonstrate excellent recovery following compression.

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Gasket & Sealing Products

Compression @5000psi (@34.5 MPa)
Creep Relaxation @ 212°F/3000psi (100°C/20.7MPa)
Typical End Use
GNA4000 60 0.96 30% 49% - High-temperature Gasket: Auto, Truck, Bus
N3680 80 1.30 20% 40% 28% Oil and Cooling Gasket: Auto, Truck, Bus
N6500V 105 1.68 14% 70% 27% High-temperature Gasket: Construction, Agriculture
N7280 80 1.30 22% 55% 34% Oil/Fuel Soft Gasket: Air-cooled Engines
N7292 94 1.50 13% 65% 21% Gasket: Commercial & Recreation Vehicles
N7295 83 1.33 19% 57% 31% Soft Gasket: Air-cooled Engines
S6200V 83 1.33 15% 50% 32% High-temperature Gasket: Air Compressors and Valves
N5901 94 1.50 12% 64% 18% High-temperature Soft Gasket: Air Compressors and Valves