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Cabin Air Filtration

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Particulates (pollen, fine dust from the street and from wear and tear (tires, clutches and breaks) as well as industrial dust from ambient air), soot and gases such as ozone, n-Butanes, Toluene, SO2, NOx, NH3 or acetaldehyde cause health, comfort and safety issues for drivers and passengers. The car, truck, construction equipment, agricultural vehicles, rail and aerospace markets have taken steps to create healthier cabin air environments by offering pollen and activated carbon combi filters:

  • Combi filters from Technostat® filter media and activated carbon remove gaseous pollutants and odors and provide the market’s highest particulate efficiency – offering up to a 50% lower pressure drop versus standard cabin air filter media.
  • H&V’s patented activated carbon combi filter media packs more surface area into each gram of carbon, good bonding and high adsorption capacity making it more effective.

Engine Intake

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Today’s engines must breathe easily and ingest virtually no contamination to comply with strict emissions standards that protect our environment. H&V’s engine intake media sets the pace for the world’s leading filter manufacturers by offering low restriction and exceptional dust-holding capacity to safeguard the air we breathe.

  • Our patented NANOWEB® media offers 300% higher soot-capture efficiency and low filter restriction. Flame retardant NANOWEB makes it easier to design the innovative filter geometries that new engine technologies require.

Surfacing Veils

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Manufacturers of chemical storage tanks, aircraft, and sporting goods all need to provide strength and surface smoothness to their finished products. H&V custom blends 100% synthetic fiber wet-laid nonwoven veils and mats to unique specifications.

  • We can formulate using webs with a wide variety of high performance fibers that include PAN carbon, nickel-coated carbon, PBO, para-aramid, and ECR-glass
  • Our long fiber isotopic webs demonstrate unusually uniform fiber dispersion in weights between 6 g/m2 and 350g/m2

EMI Shielding

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H&V’s Safe-N-Shielded fiber based veils combine highly conductive metalized fibers with low surface area for excellent shielding efficiency. These wet-laid nonwoven fabrics are designed to reduce the effect of radiated electromagnetic energy by reflection and/or absorption.

  • H&V’s shielding materials target the specific electromagnetic signals in frequencies (MHz) between 20-80 dB wavelengths
  • Our wet-laid nonwovens are manufactured with extremely uniform fiber distribution and area weights as low as 6g/m2
  • Exceptional flexibility, conformability, and breathability allow our shielding materials to be easily incorporated into structural components


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Water, sludge, soot, acids, and temperatures above 150o C— these are the harsh conditions that oil filtration media are designed to meet. In this aggressive environment, media needs to consistently remove contaminants down to 8 microns or lower, while remaining durable over extended service intervals.

  • H&V oil filter media, rated at both 50% and 95% particle efficiencies, meets a broad global range of particulate removal requirements to support your demands on six continents.
  • Our Advanced Cure Resin (ACR) oil filter media can reduce your production line footprint by up to 50%, eliminate 99% of your environmental gas emissions, and lower your energy bills.


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In hydraulic applications, filter failure is not an option. H&V delivers the industry’s highest performance media. Our gradient density-designed hydraulic filter media features excellent particle removal efficiency and the lowest pressure drop. It minimizes overall system energy requirements, improves reliability, and lengthens the life of machinery.

  • Our hydraulic media are designed to remove up to 99.5% of particles >5 microns, and our dual-phase provides 100% more dust-loading capacity to extend filter change intervals.
  • H&V hydraulic filtration media also offers lower flow restriction while maintaining current levels of filter efficiency and dust-holding capacity.


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Indoor air pollution is considered one of the top environmental health risks. HVAC air filters remove dust and other particles to ensure HVAC systems perform at peak efficiency and deliver quality indoor air. H&V offers a variety of highly engineered media that meet or exceed different global standards and offer lower pressure drop, energy savings, and longer media life.

  • Our HVAC filter media, glass or 100% synthetic, achieve the desirable combination of high filtration efficiency with low pressure drop.
  • Our patented NanoWave® HVAC pocket media provide superior dust-holding capacity compared to traditional
    synthetic media and glass mat.

Fuel Water Separation

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Coalescer filters for liquid/liquid separation need to efficiently remove water from petroleum-based liquids such as diesel, jet fuel, and hydraulic fluid to ensure our cars, planes, and heavy equipment function properly. Our market-leading grades are made from a combination of proven borosilicate microfiberglass and 100% synthetic, glass-free materials.

  • Unique surface structures, fluoropolymer treatments, and optimized gradient densities on all H&V coalescer media enhance coalescence efficiency and long life.
  • Our newest coalescer media incorporate nanofibers and microfiberglass that can be custom configured to influence the fiber gradient structure.

Where your customers need strong hydrophobic media to stop water migration, try some of our surface modifications and coatings – these will stop the water in its tracks.

Also see our exensive line of fuel media products.


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The newest diesel engine systems require cutting-edge filtration technology to meet strict government emission and fuel efficiency limits. OEMs increasingly demand longer service intervals and reduced warranty claims. Consumers are turning to more efficient engines to lower fuel consumption, saving money and reducing emissions. As the leading supplier of fuel filtration media, H&V provides solutions for the greatest fuel filtration challenges.

  • H&V’s fuel filtration media provides long lasting filtration efficiency of up to 99.9% for particles at and above 4 microns, resulting in longer filter element replacement intervals.
  • New glass-free H&V media addresses the growing number of water separation challenges due to increased use of bio-fuels and lower IFT (interfacial tension). Our media meets the >95% ISO and SAE separation requirements.

H&V designs and manufactures both glass containing and glass free fuel media, including full synthetic options. Our product line covers fuel applications globally in a wide variety of efficiencies, dust holding capacities (lifetime), and water separation options.


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Coalescer filters for liquid/liquid separation need to efficiently remove water from petroleum-based liquids such as diesel, jet fuel, and hydraulic fluid to ensure our cars, planes, and heavy equipment function properly. Our market-leading grades are made from a combination of proven borosilicate microfiberglass and 100% synthetic, glass-free materials.

  • With a mean pore size ranging from <1 to 25 microns, H&V’s media can meet the needs for almost any level of separation you require.
  • Our multi-phase coalescer filtration media achieve extremely low steady-state pressure change, superior processability, and long life.

H+V consider fuel/water separation and other liquid/liquid coalescer products to be so critical, we have a separate set of products dedicated to that application – Fuel/water separation products.