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Drapery Buckram

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H&V’s Hovotex® nonwoven supports more drapery pleats than any other nonwoven buckram in the world. Offered in several weights and available in heat tackable versions for faster sewing, our Hovotex buckram keeps drapery pleats looking new after laundering or dry cleaning.

  • Our products retain 59% of their original stiffness with less than 3% shrinkage after laundering.  Hovotex is specifically formulated to be UV stable to avoid yellowing in lightweight and sheer curtains and draperies.

Our buckram formulation is formaldehyde-free, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Window Treatment

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Window treatments are used to enhance décor, control privacy, filter light, and insulate from the heat and cold. From custom designed nonwovens to complex laminates, H&V engineers innovative nonwovens to meet aesthetic requirements of window treatments.

  • We offer a wide range of fabric weights from 0.5 to 6.5 ounces per square yard
  • We provide a nearly endless variety of aesthetic features to enhance visual quality of window treatments

Waistband Interlinings

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Nonwoven interlinings play an important role in the overall fit and appearance of both men’s and women’s clothing. H&V’s waistband interlinings provide the nonwoven canvas that makes garments ranging from blue jeans to casual slacks to finely tailored suits more comfortable and durable.

  • Our high-stability waistbands have less than 2% shrinkage after repeated laundering
  • Unlike most nonwovens, H&V’s products retain most of their pre-wash stiffness
  • Our stretch products exhibit 99% recovery when stretched as much as 120% of their original MD length

Garment Care Labels

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A garment care label may be small, but it plays a big role when shopping for clothing. While some are looking for the convenience of machine washable garments, others prefer the look of delicate fabrics that require dry-cleaning. The US Federal Trade Commission mandates that a care label be permanently affixed to each garment to provide clear instructions about laundering.

  • H&V’s direct-print nonwoven care label stock meets 16 CFR PART 423-Care Labeling Of Textile Wearing Apparel.
  • Our products are designed to be printed at the production site using dot-matrix or laser printers.
  • Properly printed labels remain legible for the life of the garment—more than 25 laundering cycles.

Embroidery Backing

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Embroidery backing provides the foundation for quality modern embroidery. Without it, embroidery has no stability or structure, and the design falls apart. H&V Stitchbackers™ delivers more than 15 different backing grades specifically designed for high speed machines to produce quality embroidery.

  • H&V’s nonwoven backings are designed for the job. Cheap substitutes, such as butcher paper and coffee filter, can damage your machinery, reduce needle life by as much as 50%, and produce a poor quality finished product.
  • By choosing the right backing most designs can be produced using only one sheet, improving throughput and lowering your production cost.
  • StitchBackers are sold only through converter/distributors selected to help you choose the correct backing for your design.