H&V is a leader in innovative specialty nonwovens for the apparel and window coverings industry. Our nonwoven window fabrics are uniform, durable, and custom-engineered specifically for each end-user application.

For windows, H&V has developed nonwoven products that can regulate outside light, helping to manage a building’s energy use by reducing heating and cooling loss. These unique materials also have expanded the market for pleated shade, vertical blind, roman shade, and roller shade backings.

We offer specialized nonwovens used in apparel manufacturing, such as our line of StitchBackers® embroidery backings. These wet-laid nonwovens are an essential part of the growing decorative consumer and corporate apparel market. H&V manufactures the world’s broadest range of embroidery backing at the industry’s highest quality levels. Sold exclusively through distribution, we offer more than fifteen types, including tearaway, cutaway, washaway, and other styles.

We also manufacture specialty interlinings that play an important role in the fit and appearance of both men’s and women’s clothing—from blue jeans to tailored garments. Our durable, nonwoven stretch fabric is a cost-effective choice to replace expensive woven and knit elastic materials.

H & V Products for Apparel & Home Furnishings

H&V’s Hovotex® nonwoven supports more drapery pleats than any other nonwoven buckram in the world.
H&V Stitchbackers™ backing is an exceptionally broad product line featuring more than 15 different grades specifically designed for embroidery.
H&V’s direct-print nonwoven garment care label stock is engineered to meet the US regulations: 16 CFR PART 423-Cares Labeling of Textile Wearing Apparel.
H&V’s waistband interlinings provide the nonwoven canvas that makes garments ranging from blue jeans to casual slacks to finely tailored suits more comfortable and durable.
H&V specializes in the development of high-performance robust composites designed to block or control light and reduce the energy exchange through windows.

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