Clean power generation and reliable storage are two challenges facing the automotive and energy industries. Reliable power backup systems are the critical technology for telecommunications and data centers in today’s digital society. For more than twenty-five years, H&V’s AGM separators have enabled the world’s leading battery suppliers to meet these crucial applications, most of which require between five and fifteen years of battery life.

Stop-start technology is a new platform adopted by global auto manufacturers to address increasingly challenging CO2 emissions regulations. This technology has placed unexpected demands on traditional automotive starting batteries. H&V has developed separators for valve-regulated, lead-acid batteries that greatly improve start-stop performance.

H&V supports the power generation industry with the clean air intake that natural gas turbines require.  See our Gas Turbine and wide range of other energy generation and storage media products.  Click “View All Energy Generation & Storage” below to scan all of the other media made especially for your application.

H & V Products for Energy Generation & Storage

Best-in-class separator for Micro-Hybrid cars and Start-Stop engines
HEPA and ULPA filter media provide sterile production spaces in semi-conductor and industrial cleanrooms.
Developed for heavy duty air, automotive, and commercial vehicle engine air filters, H&V’s engine intake media set the standard by offering low restriction and exceptional dust-holding capacity.
H&V provides filtration media for an array of fuel applications to meet industry codes and specifications.
Our range of pulse-cleaned and static high-performance filter media that meet the demands of gas turbine filtration in the world's harshest environments.
High-acid capacity separator for bulk energy storage batteries.
Our glass and synthetic HVAC filter media offer low pressure drop, high energy efficiency, and long filter life for residential and industrial systems.
H&V's newest products for hydraulic filtration deliver required particle removal efficiency, energy savings and longer filter life.
Our range of media for liquid filtration applications including residential and municipal drinking water, waste water, desalination, biomedical, food and beverage, gas, and oil drilling and processing.
Reliable separators for long-lasting Uniterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and Telecommunications batteries

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