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Window Coverings: What is H&V's minimum order?

  1. Most commercial wet laid grades are available in master rolls of 2,000 to 3,000 linear yards.
  2. Most commercial dry laid nonwovens are available in minimum orders of 5,000 linear yards

Drapery Buckram: Does H&V make woven buckram?

No, we only make nonwoven buckram. H&V has sold this product under the Hovotex brand name for more than 40 years. It is proven to be the product of choice for custom as well as ready-made draperies and curtains.

Drapery Buckram: What is the minimum order per slit width?

10,000 linear yards.

Drapery Buckram: What widths are available for purchase?

4” is the most popular but widths from 1.0” to 60” are available.

Drapery Buckram: What is the standard put-up?

We package Hovotex in cases of 25 rolls, 100 yards long on 1.5” ID cores.

Drapery Buckram: Is Hovotex washable and does it maintain stiffness after washing?

Yes, it is washable and dry cleanable, and yes, it will maintain stiffness after repeated washings.

Drapery Buckram: What is our lead time?

Two to three weeks.

Drapery Buckram: How do you activate the adhesive on 3130HS?

The heat-seal adhesive in 3130HS can be activated with a hand iron. It is a temporary tack to be used as a sewing aid to hold the buckram on the fabric while the pinch-pleats are being sewn onto the drapery.

Drapery Buckram: Where is Hovotex manufactured and ship from?

All Hovotex buckram is made in the USA and ships from our mill in Greenwich, NY.

Window Coverings: What type of nonwoven fabric does H&V offer for window coverings?

  1. Wet-laid made with cellulose and/or polyester.
  2. Dry-laid either latex bonded (made with polyester fiber and latex) or thermal bonded smooth roll, through air, or point bonded.  Most of our thermal bonds are made with 100% polyester.
  3. We also offer meltblown dry laid nonwovens.

Window Coverings: What converting processes does H&V offer?

Custom score cut slitting, laminating, and adhesive coating.

Window Coverings: What widths does H&V offer?

  1. Wet-laid nonwovens are available up to 115”.
  2. Most chembond and thermal bond dry laid nonwovens are available in widths up to 74”.
  3. Meltblown nonwovens are available up to 86” wide.
  4. Room darkening or light filtering composites up to 72” wide.

Window Coverings: What advantages do H&V nonwovens offer this market?

Uniformity in aesthetic appearance (when viewed in a window), thickness, and stiffness for reliable physical performance.

Window Coverings: What physical properties do H&V nonwovens offer that are marketable?

  1. Latex bonded nonwovens can be made inherently fire retardant or incorporate anti microbial, anti static, and other treatments.
  2. Thermal bonded nonwovens are available from 17 gsm to 240 gsm with bonding from 8% to 100% depending on the type.
  3. Room darkening composites that offer energy savings and light control.
  4. All H&V nonwovens for window applications are UV stable.

Window Coverings: Why should I purchase nonwovens from H&V?

We research the critical technical requirements (CTQs) you need for your end use and design our nonwovens to meet those requirements.

Window Coverings: What does H&V offer in market knowledge and direction?

H&V dedicates internal resources to research the market of interest and develop Product Road Maps to determine what direction the market is going in the next three to five years, what products we need to develop, and to present our research (Product Road Map) to our customers.