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Electret Filter media has a triboelectric force that attracts submicron particles against the surface of the fibers in the media. By relying on a higher degree of electrostatic charge the pore size distribution can be much higher in an electret media versus a fully mechanical media which relies on interception, diffusion and inertial impaction. The larger pore size or the gaps between the fibers of an electret media creates a very low pressure drop. Due to the lofty structure of electret media it also has a very highdust holding capacity.

A proper electret media is best used where space is constrained to maximize value The constrained space will allow for a die-cut part or dramatically reduce the area of filter media used in a pleated configuration.. But not all electret media are created equal. H&V’s Technostat is the leading electret product in the market, providing the lowest pressure drop available at a given effiency.




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