Renewable energy sources only generate power when the sun shines or the wind blows. Optimizing green energy production into the daily grid cycle requires bulk energy storage. New load-leveling installations are accompanying renewable energy plants across the globe. Today, maintenance-free valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries with premium H&V separators are the leading electro-chemical storage solution worldwide.

  • H&V’s separators are installed in multiple large energy storage projects around the world.
  • Our battery separators feature more than 94% porosity for maximum acid storage.
  • Applications

    H&V’s separators have proven reliability in all grid storage applications.

    Features include:

    • Cycling optimization
    • Reserve capacity optimization
    • High-porosity for maximum electrolyte volume
    • Compression maintenance (recovery)
    • Chemical purity and consistency
    • Electrolyte stratification resistance
    • High-rate discharge performance
    • Thickness and basis-weight control
    • Electrolyte–filling efficiency
    • Wrapping/stacking efficiency
    • Assembly defect reduction (rips, splits, tears, and punctures)
    • Paste imperfection protection (paste lumps, spurs, etc.)

    H&V’s EnergyGuard® separators are high-strength and optimized for deep discharge applications. EnergyGuard separators use a small portion of stable thermoplastic fibers to greatly improve tensile and puncture strength. An all-glass alternative, our BGO and BGCB separators, are a popular choice for VRLA batteries designed to over long life.

  • Resources

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    EnergyGuard Brochure

    Battery Separator Catalog

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Technical Data

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    Grid/Renewable Energy Storage

    MD Tensile
    Specific Surface Area
    BGO22065L 220 1.46 3.5 1.6
    BGO30065H 300 1.99 4.7 1.6
    BGO43565 435 3.05 5.5 1.6
    BG210CB132 210 1.32 3.0 1.4
    BG330CB206 330 2.06 4.5 1.4
    BG410CB257 410 2.57 5.5 1.4
    BG160HB104 160 1.04 6.0 1.8
    BG200HB127 200 1.27 7.5 1.8
    BG300HB192 300 1.92 9.0 1.8

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