H&V’s Safe-N-Shielded fiber based veils combine highly conductive metalized fibers with low surface area for excellent shielding efficiency. These wet-laid nonwoven fabrics are designed to reduce the effect of radiated electromagnetic energy by reflection and/or absorption.

  • H&V’s shielding materials target the specific electromagnetic signals in frequencies (MHz) between 20-80 dB wavelengths
  • Our wet-laid nonwovens are manufactured with extremely uniform fiber distribution and area weights as low as 6g/m2
  • Exceptional flexibility, conformability, and breathability allow our shielding materials to be easily incorporated into structural components
  • Applications

    H&V’s Advanced Fiber Nonwovens (AFN) group has been providing EMI/RFI shielding solutions to the electronic, military/defense, aerospace and telecommunications markets for more than twenty years. Our lightweight conductive webs can be used in architectural shielding applications or as the shielding component in tapes, gaskets, and shielded FRP structures

    H&V’s Safe-N-Shielded EMI shielding materials offer exceptional benefits:

    • Excellent high or low conductivity for absorbing or reflecting electromagnetic radiation
    • Extremely uniform fiber distribution
    • Thin and lightweight with area weights as low as 6g/m2
    • Custom shielding materials can be created by changing fiber length and diameter, types of metal coatings, and density of the finished fabric
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    EMI Shielding Products

    Basis Weight
    Basis Weight
    Surface Resistivity
    (DC omhs/square)
    8000836 0.2 8.0 0.0022 0.05 0.50
    8000834 0.4 11.9 0.0031 0.07 0.40
    8000826 0.8 25.4 0.0070 0.18 0.25
    8000838 1.4 47.0 0.0105 0.27 0.17

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