Manufacturers of chemical storage tanks, aircraft, and sporting goods all need to provide strength and surface smoothness to their finished products. H&V custom blends 100% synthetic fiber wet-laid nonwoven veils and mats to unique specifications.

  • We can formulate using webs with a wide variety of high performance fibers that include PAN carbon, nickel-coated carbon, PBO, para-aramid, and ECR-glass
  • Our long fiber isotopic webs demonstrate unusually uniform fiber dispersion in weights between 6 g/m2 and 350g/m2
  • Applications

    H&V specializes in the ability to convert specialty fibers into affordable, easy-to-use fabrics. Our Advanced Fiber Nonwovens Group (AFN) delivers outstanding value to aerospace, corrosive tank/pipe, radar signature management, thermal insulation, sporting goods, and EMI shielding applications. Features include:

    • Excellent high temperature, abrasion, and chemical resistance
    • Extraordinarily smooth surfaces
    • High torsional rigidity and excellent stability
    • High or low conductivity for absorbing or reflecting electromagnetic radiation
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What type of material does H&V manufacture for Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) applications?

    A. The Advanced Fiber Nonwoven Group at H&V custom engineers webs for a variety of applications requiring advanced synthetic fibers. AFN scientists carefully select from materials like PAN carbon fibers, metal and metal-coated fibers, various types of fiberglass including ECR and C-glass, and aramid and para-aramid fiber. AFN can make “paper” using almost any material that can be produced in fiber form.

    Q. What type of binders do your composite materials use?

    A. We use a variety of binders that are designed to be compatible with most composite resins systems, including epoxy resins. Many of our binders are designed to break down following wets-out to form a very smooth surface.

    Q. What is a surfacing veil and how are they used?

    A. Surfacing veils are typically lightweight nonwoven fabrics that provide protection against corrosion, abrasion, and static discharge. They also prevent micro cracks or cover up imperfections in a multi-layer buildup of fibrous materials.

    Surfacing veils are often used to produce a very smooth surface on both the interior and exterior of pipes and holding vessels. Other more exotic materials like holographic fiber and blends of a variety of fibers can be used in decorative applications like composite sporting goods, skis, snowboards, fishing rods, and bicycles helmets, where they serve as reinforcing components and the final decorative finish.

    Q. What weight and width are AFN surfacing veils produced in?

    A. H&V can deliver materials 35.5” wide (90cm) in extremely lightweight veils ranging from 4 gsm to 212 gsm.

    Q. Where are your veils produced?

    A. They are produced at our mill in Hawkinsville, Georgia.

    Q. Will the AFN Group manufacture a nonwoven to my specification or use fibers or other materials that I supply?

    A. AFN specializes in custom engineered webs for a variety of applications. We routinely work under Confidentiality Agreements and can utilize your raw materials as long as they meet our health and safety standards. AFN offers the unique ability to produce small “pilot line” size production on a fully capable 35.5” (90cm) wide production machine.

  • Technical Data

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    Surfacing Veils Products

    Basis Weight
    Basis Weight
    MD Tensile
    MD Tensile
    CD Tensile
    CD Tensile
    8000064 1.00 34.0 0.0100 0.250 7.5 1.3 7.5 1.3 Aramid
    8000069 2.20 74.8 0.0214 0.540 10.0 1.8 10.0 1.8 Aramid
    8000015 0.20 6.8 0.0021 0.053 3.0 0.5 3.0 0.5 Carbon
    8000018 0.30 10.0 0.0025 0.060 5.2 0.9 3.0 0.5 Carbon
    8000020 0.50 17.0 0.0055 0.140 7.0 1.2 7.0 1.2 Carbon
    8000028 0.50 17.0 0.0055 0.140 7.0 1.2 7.0 1.2 Carbon
    8000030 1.00 34.0 0.0110 0.280 11.0 1.9 11.0 1.9 Carbon
    8000033 1.00 34.0 0.0110 0.280 17.0 3.0 17.0 3.0 Carbon
    8000110 0.50 17.0 0.0046 0.110 4.5 0.8 4.5 0.8 Glass
    8000116 6.24 211.6 0.0570 1.448 24.0 4.2 24.0 4.2 Glass
    8000130 0.30 10.2 0.0030 0.080 5.2 0.9 3.0 0.5 Carbon
    8000190 0.75 25.4 0.0062 0.160 8.0 1.4 8.0 1.4 Glass
    8000195 3.10 105.0 0.025 0.635 13.0 2.3 13.0 2.3 Glass

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