Today’s engines must breathe easily and ingest virtually no contamination to comply with strict emissions standards that protect our environment. H&V’s engine intake media sets the pace for the world’s leading filter manufacturers by offering low restriction and exceptional dust-holding capacity to safeguard the air we breathe.

  • Our patented NANOWEB® media offers 300% higher soot-capture efficiency and low filter restriction. Flame retardant NANOWEB makes it easier to design the innovative filter geometries that new engine technologies require.
  • Applications

    The filters in today’s engine intake systems must meet a growing list of demanding applications. H&V’s engine filter media are used in on-road truck and off-road vehicles as either primary or safety air intake media. Whether your application is in construction, agriculture, mining, or transportation, H&V engine filter media are always your best option:

    • Consistent roll-to-roll and lot-to-lot processing allows easier pleater set-ups and optimized processing
    • Pre-cured acrylic or phenolic resin system designs do not require curing ovens, enabling smaller filter processing line footprints and saving energy
    • Market-leading corrugation capabilities (> 20 mils) offer superior dust-holding capacity for lower-cost, higher-service interval filter designs
    • Durable flame retardants (FR) meet the newest OEM requirements for water and heat durability, and are available for both pre-cured and curing acrylic and phenolic resin systems

    Our worldwide technology and marketing experts understand the complexity of your filter needs and can fulfill your most exacting requirements. With mills in the U.S., Mexico, Germany, U.K., and China, H&V provides globally consistent products and short supply-chain lead times.

  • Resources

    For more information, please click on the links below for brochures, white papers, case studies, and frequently asked questions:

    Automotive Air Filter Media Applications

    Heavy Duty Air Filter Media

    Resin Technology for Engine and Industrial Filtration

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q) Do I always need to cure H&V Heavy Duty Air filter media?
    A) No, not always – it depends on the resin and processing done by H&V. If your media uses acrylic based resins and is identified as “Low energy”, then the media is already cured sufficiently for the application it was designed for.  Alternatively, if your media uses phenolic resins and is off white / brown in color, then some curing is required. Please contact your account manager for more information.

    Q) Can I heat or steam H&V Heavy Duty Air media for better processing?
    A) To better optimize processing acrylic based resin media, some companies do add process warming either through hot plates, IR heaters, or ovens. Done properly, this does not harm the media.

    Q) What is a Wire Side mark?
    A) A wire side mark is a line that H&V puts on the downstream side of the media to indicate which side should be oriented to the ‘clean’ or downstream side of the air flow. The wire mark color and spacing is specific to an individual grade, but standard spacing is on 2 inch centers, and standard colors for the line mark are either black or blue ink.

    Q) What is the usual test standard used to evaluate heavy Duty Air filter media?
    A) ISO 5011 is a globally accepted test standard for either flat sheet or element evaluation of automotive or heavy duty air filter media or filters.

  • Technical Data

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    Engine Intake Grades

    Basis Weight
    (lbs/3000 ft2)
    Frazier Permeability
    Overall Caliper
    FA6405LW OE HD Air 99% Initial Eff. 68 13 0.026 0.016
    FA2209 Cured Light Duty Truck 80 35 0.030 0.018
    1822 VH255 HD-High Performance Phenolic 73 20 0.019 0.011
    FA7195 HD-Pleated Safety Media and Auto Air 74 70 0.028 0.011
    FA7077E Auto-Aftermarket 70 85 0.022 Plain
    1833 VH255 Auto-High Performance Phenolic 77 29 0.020 0.011
    930/20 VH134 Auto-Acrylic – No cure required 78 110 0.023 0.011
    FA50198SRC Auto OE Cured, Smolder Resistant 82 50 0.032 0.011
    1837/22 VH255 Auto-High Performance Phenolic 85 60 0.025 Plain
    FA50303 Auto-OE Air Curing 93 70 0.026 Plain

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