Indoor air pollution is considered one of the top environmental health risks. HVAC air filters remove dust and other particles to ensure HVAC systems perform at peak efficiency and deliver quality indoor air. H&V offers a variety of highly engineered media that meet or exceed different global standards and offer lower pressure drop, energy savings, and longer media life.

  • Our HVAC filter media, glass or 100% synthetic, achieve the desirable combination of high filtration efficiency with low pressure drop.
  • Our patented NanoWave® HVAC pocket media provide superior dust-holding capacity compared to traditional
    synthetic media and glass mat.
  • Applications

    We design filtration media that remove particles and microorganisms to meet or exceed ASHRAE 52.2, EN 779-2012, or ISO 16890 filter performance standards.  Engineered to suit varying filter configurations from homes to workplaces to industrial buildings, H&V air filtration products are not only versatile, but also the highest performing materials in many HVAC markets:

    • NanoWave® our mechanical synthetic alternative to glass mat media, responds to Eurovent 4/11 with the highest energy rating.
    • Our triboelectrically charged Technostat® product for panel and pocket filter applications deliver extremely high sub micron particle retention and dust-holding capacity at the lowest pressure drop.
    • Our glass media offerings, which include High Perm Plus® and Perform®, deliver lower pressure drop with higher gamma compared to the competition, and are compatible with rotary pleaters, embossing, and knife pleaters.
    • Our pleatable and embossable synthetic media are designed specifically for advanced 3D pleating equipment used to create premium residential and industrial HVAC systems.
    • Molecular Filtration Media (MFM) combines molecular and particulate filtration in one patented technology that provides reduced pressure drops and low initial breakthroughs.
    • H&V’s laminating capabilities can combine different technologies to provide customized performance for your specific application.

    H&V’s synthetic and glass HVAC filter media are designed to make HVAC systems in homes or workplaces more efficient and effective. We deliver value with superior indoor air quality and energy savings.

  • Resources

    For more information, please click on the links below for a website, brochures, white papers, case studies, and frequently asked questions:

    NanoWave® Website

    Meltblown and Synthetic Composites Filter Media

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    Pleatable Synthetic HVAC Filter Media Applications

    Frequently Asked Questions

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