Poor indoor air quality not only affects quality-of-life, but also causes physical discomfort, health issues, and decreased productivity at work. H&V’s cutting-edge Molecular Filter Media (MFM) removes molecules that escape typical HVAC filtration media to dramatically improve indoor air quality.

  • H&V is the leading supplier of gas phase filter media for cabin air, clean rooms, process environments, museums, and comfort air applications.
  • As the only multi-national manufacturer of thin-bed carbon nonwovens, we readily provide engineered solutions for your molecular filtration needs worldwide.
  • Applications

    Molecular filtration is necessary in environments where odor removal and control of harmful VOCs, toxic gases and airborne pollutants are paramount. Airports, hotels, museums, hospitals, home, and cabin-air settings often require this high level of combination filtration.

    Pollution can disrupt technical processes, cause driver and passenger discomfort, and reduce productivity in office and industrial environments. Our patented MFM technologies provide solutions for these filtration challenges and meet air quality and emission standards.

    • Compared to loose carbon media, MFM has higher initial efficiencies at much lower pressure drops.
    • Gas (molecular) and particulate filtration media are combined in one revolutionary, patented air filtration technology.
    • Control and removal of odors, VOCs, toxic gases, and airborne pollutants help avoid health hazards and disruptions of technical processes.
    • For indoor air quality applications, the same filter slot in the HVAC device can be used for both particulate and molecular filtration.

    MFM molecular filtration media achieve higher initial efficiencies and breakthroughs with lower pressure drops. This versatile material has excellent pleatability and processability.

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    Molecular Filter Media Brochure

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  • Technical Data

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    Molecular Filter Media

    Total Weight (GSM)
    Carbon Weight (GSM)
    Particulate Efficiency
    Air Permeability (CFM)
    A1155 VOCs 560 425 n/a 250
    A2219 General Purpose 330 200 n/a 370
    A2226 General Purpose 336 200 MERV 8 / F5 285
    A2250 General Purpose 355 200 MERV 13 / F7 215
    A2700 VOCs 665 500 n/a 170
    A2702 Ammonia & Aldehydes 635 500 n/a 150
    A2703 Formaldehyde 635 500 n/a 150
    A2770 Chlorine & heavy metals 620 500 n/a 325
    A2840A VOCs 770 600 n/a 150
    A2851 Acids 775 600 n/a 180
    A7701 VOCs 700 500 MERV 13 / F7 110
    A8199 Acids, Ammonia & Aldehydes 545 400 n/a 290

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