A garment care label may be small, but it plays a big role when shopping for clothing. While some are looking for the convenience of machine washable garments, others prefer the look of delicate fabrics that require dry-cleaning. The US Federal Trade Commission mandates that a care label be permanently affixed to each garment to provide clear instructions about laundering.

  • H&V’s direct-print nonwoven care label stock meets 16 CFR PART 423-Care Labeling Of Textile Wearing Apparel.
  • Our products are designed to be printed at the production site using dot-matrix or laser printers.
  • Properly printed labels remain legible for the life of the garment—more than 25 laundering cycles.
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    Today, garment manufacturing can take place anywhere in the world so ensuring that each article of clothing is labeled correctly is essential to meet import regulations. H&V’s direct-print nonwoven garment care label stock is engineered to meet the US regulations: 16 CFR PART 423-Cares Labeling of Textile Wearing Apparel. Designed for high volume point-of-use printing using dot-matrix or laser printers, you can produce millions of labels annually using off-the-shelf printing equipment.

    • You can reduce lead time and cut costs by printing care labels on-site to meet tight or changing delivery schedules.
    • Often referred to as “econo-labels,” our materials cut costs by shrinking inventory and reducing preprinted label obsolescence.
    • Once printed, H&V’s labels will carry care instructions to the consumer and remain legible after many washings or trips to the cleaners.
    • Our products are sold exclusively through converter/distributors that perforate and die-cut the label stock to accommodate either sheet-fed printers or continuous-feed printers.
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    Garment Care Label Products

    Basis Weight
    Basis Weight
    2219 2.16 73 0.007 7 Direct Dot-matrix Printable
    3323 2.2 73 0.006 0.20 Direct Laser Printable

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