Nonwoven interlinings play an important role in the overall fit and appearance of both men’s and women’s clothing. H&V’s waistband interlinings provide the nonwoven canvas that makes garments ranging from blue jeans to casual slacks to finely tailored suits more comfortable and durable.

  • Our high-stability waistbands have less than 2% shrinkage after repeated laundering
  • Unlike most nonwovens, H&V’s products retain most of their pre-wash stiffness
  • Our stretch products exhibit 99% recovery when stretched as much as 120% of their original MD length
  • Applications

    Developed to retain the shape and fit of a garment, our waistband interlinings provide stability and stretch in comfort fit slacks for both men and women. When comfort is key, H&V’s nonwoven waistband fabrics are a cost-effective choice to replace expensive woven, knit, and elastic materials.

    • Stretch and recovery are built into our nonwovens using H&V’s proprietary process that does not require non-breathable film, allowing stretch up to 120% in the machine direction with very little “necking.”
    • Fusible adhesives are an important part of today’s garment construction and can be supplied on any of our stable or stretch waistband nonwovens.
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    Stretch and Recovery Nonwovens

    Wetlaid Nonwovens – Waistband Canvas and Stabilizer Fabrics

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Waistband Interlining Products

    Basis Weight
    Basis Weight
    PA2LN 3.4 115 0.017 0.43 Heavyweight Stable Waistband Interlining – White
    PA2B 3.4 114 0.018 0.46 Heavyweight Stable Waistband Interlining – Black
    PA3LN 2.5 85 0.013 0.33 Lightweight Stable Waistband Interlining – White
    PA3B 2.6 87 0.014 0.36 Lightweight Stable Waistband Interlining – Black
    9915FSP 3.3 113 0.017 0.43 Fusible Stretch Waistband Interlining – White
    9920FS 3.3 113 0.017 0.43 Sew-In Stretch Waistband Interlining – White

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