High tear strength, excellent internal bond, and a printable surface are the essential requirements when producing the reinforcement on legal tablets and specialty paper fasteners. H&V manufactures long fiber latex saturated wet-laid nonwovens specifically designed to meet these critical elements.

  • H&V’s durable nonwovens are engineered to produce materials with tear strength exceeding 1000 g (force).
  • Our unique process allows for the addition of a variety of custom colors with a surface designed for direct printing.
  • The back surface of these unique webs can be coated to provide holdout that allows heat or water activated adhesives to be added without breakthrough to the printed side. 
  • Applications

    H&V’s long fiber wet-laid reinforcing nonwovens provide a solid anchor for stationary components such binding tapes used on lined writing tablets and specialty paper fasteners. H&V manufactures customized wet-laid nonwovens with properties that deliver the most durable reinforcement fabrics to the office product industry.

    • Products secured with our specially designed nonwovens stay where they are intended with tear strength many times higher than the paper used in the construction of the file folder.
    • We tailor our wet-laid nonwovens to meet the color, print surface, and hold-out characteristics required.
    • Today’s record retention policies require that critical documents and records be kept as hard copies.  These paper documents are fixed to a file folder using a metal stationary clip reinforced by a high strength durable nonwoven fabric.
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