Coalescer filters for liquid/liquid separation need to efficiently remove water from petroleum-based liquids such as diesel, jet fuel, and hydraulic fluid to ensure our cars, planes, and heavy equipment function properly. Our market-leading grades are made from a combination of proven borosilicate microfiberglass and 100% synthetic, glass-free materials.

  • Unique surface structures, fluoropolymer treatments, and optimized gradient densities on all H&V coalescer media enhance coalescence efficiency and long life.
  • Our newest coalescer media incorporate nanofibers and microfiberglass that can be custom configured to influence the fiber gradient structure.

Where your customers need strong hydrophobic media to stop water migration, try some of our surface modifications and coatings – these will stop the water in its tracks.

Also see our exensive line of fuel media products.

  • Applications

    Resistant to mineral oil, fuel, and chemicals, our media achieve low ∆P and good processability. They are available with different water/oil repellency levels. H&V’s coalescer media are an ideal choice for the following applications:

    • Removal of 95% of water from diesel fuel and virtually 100% removal of water and solids from jet fuel
    • Foreign liquid purification for industrial liquids like coolants and hydraulic fluids

    H&V offers a full line of solvent and water-based media. Phenolic, epoxy, and acrylic resin treatments meet customer durability and environmental requirements.

  • Resources

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    Resin Technology for Engine and Industrial Filtration

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q) Why are glass fiber media preferred versus standard cellulose media for coalescing applications? 
    strong> A) Glass fiber media are preferred because the smaller diameter fibers provide a better relationship between water elimination and differential pressure than other media.

    Q) Are there industry standards on water removal ?

    A) Water must be reduced to a maximum of 5 ppm in military applications and to a maximum of 15 ppm for civil applications.  H&V coalescing media achieve these targets.

    Q) Is a prefilter needed?

    A) A prefilter will increase the lifetime of a filter. Typically a wood pulp is used in this media type.

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  • Technical Data

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    Fuel/Water Separation Media Grades

    Basis Weight
    Mean Pore
    Air Permeability
    (l/m2s @ 2mbar)
    Flow Resistance
    (Pa @ 5.3 cm/s)
    DEHS Retention
    (% for 0.3µm@ 5.3 cm/s)
    DC4273 Hi-Eff Fuel/Water Coalescer 75 7.4 86 130 94.8
    1447 Hi-Eff Fuel/Water Coalescer 130 4.7 43 252 98.1
    1388/2 Hi-Eff Fuel/Water Coalescer 75 7.4 86 130 94.8
    DE1741 Hi-Eff Fuel/Water Coalescer 75 7.4 86 130 94.8
    DD2391 Hi-Eff Fuel/Water Coalescer 75 7.4 86 130 94.8
    1391 Hi-Eff Fuel/Water Coalescer 118 3.7 33 353 99.913
    464 Hi-Eff Fuel/Water Coalescer 107 3.7 30 374 99.979
    1322 Ultra Hi-Eff Fuel/Water Coalescer 115 2.5 18 600 99.9997 for 0.12@2.54cm/s

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