In hydraulic applications, filter failure is not an option. H&V delivers the industry’s highest performance media. Our gradient density-designed hydraulic filter media features excellent particle removal efficiency and the lowest pressure drop. It minimizes overall system energy requirements, improves reliability, and lengthens the life of machinery.

  • Our hydraulic media are designed to remove up to 99.5% of particles >5 microns, and our dual-phase provides 100% more dust-loading capacity to extend filter change intervals.
  • H&V hydraulic filtration media also offers lower flow restriction while maintaining current levels of filter efficiency and dust-holding capacity.
  • Applications

    H&V media are ideal for mobile equipment, industrial, and aerospace hydraulic filtration requirements. Our popular mobile hydraulic filter media are designed to achieve ultimate protection and equipment uptime in any harsh environment. For industrial hydraulic filtration, H&V provides media that deliver high levels of fluid cleanliness and predictable filter life spans. H&V’s industry-leading portfolio of filtration grades spans all of your hydraulic media needs and specifically includes:

    • Dual-phase media to provide high efficiency and high dust-holding capacity
    • Unique composites with the industries’ lowest flow restriction—5-micron and 10-micron media
    • Thin single-phase media for high pleat-count designs
    • Laminated grades for durability in high-pressure applications
    • Unique media designs that optimize filtration performance
    • Microglass-, cellulose-, and synthetic-based media

    H&V continues to set the hydraulic media standard with the industry’s lowest flow restriction, highest beta-stability, and newest synthetic composites. Our newest design and manufacturing processes provide greater roll-to-roll and lot-to-lot consistency, giving you easier pleater set ups and a more optimized production process. With mills in the U.S., Mexico, Germany, U.K., and China, H&V provides globally consistent products and short supply-chain lead times.

  • Resources

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    Meltblown and Synthetic Composites Filter Media

    Hydraulic Filter Media (English units)

    Hydraulic Filter Media Video


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q) What types of hydraulic fluid are your media compatible with?
    A) Our media are all designed to be compatible with all typical hydraulic oils and fluids.  Compatibility includes synthetic hydraulic oils, and fluids with additives such as detergent and anti-wear compounds.  Our media are also compatible with Skydrol® hydraulic fluids.

    Q)  What is the maximum temperature that you media can operate in?
    A)  Our media are designed to withstand exposure to continuous oil temperatures of 180° C.

    Q)  What is the difference between single phase and dual phase media?
    A)  Dual phase media are produced using H&V’s proprietary manufacturing techniques to have a gradient density within one layer of paper. This allows the dual phase media to have higher dust loading capacity than a single phase media created by H&V or our competitors.

    Q) How do I choose a laminated grade if I need more strength in my application?
    A)  First you should select the correct base grade based on your filtration requirements (i.e. a 5 micron filter application), and then we can determine the correct products to laminate to the base to meet your strength requirements.

    Q) What is the difference between laminating and co-pleating?
    A)  Lamination is done at our mills, and the additional scrims or media are physically joined into a single media. In co-pleating, the layers are not physically attached to each other. Using a laminated product can allow you to get more layers in your filter than is possible by co-pleating.

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  • Technical Data

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    Hydraulic Grades

    Basis Weight
    Micron Rating
    (microns – Beta 200)
    Flow Resistance
    (Pa @ 32 LPM)
    Dirt Holding Capacity
    (mm TAPPI 1.5 psi)
    1056/1 Single Phase 40 µm 65 40 1 180 0.43
    1076 Single Phase 20 µm 65 19 2 88 0.41
    1313 Single Phase 10 µm 55 11 5 85 0.31
    1359 Single Phase 30 µm 70 24 2 125 0.46
    1388/2 Single Phase 5 µm 75 5 12 82 0.43
    1393/1 Single Phase 15 µm 53 15 2 84 0.33
    1702 Single Phase 20 µm 54 22 2 98 0.33
    917 Single Phase 12 µm 100 12 5 90 0.58
    DC4271 Dual Phase 3 µm 90 3 25 135 0.53
    DC4273 Dual Phase 3 µm 89 3 3 137 0.51
    DD2391 Single Phase 5 µm 82 5 11 184 0.43
    DD2401 Dual Phase 5 µm 82 (<4) 14 167 0.43
    DE1741 Dual Phase 10 µm 106 9 6 228 0.51
    HF0421 Single Phase 30 µm 102 26 3 210 0.51
    HF0461 Single Phase 20 µm 119 20 N/A 199 0.54
    HF0491 Single Phase 40 µm 66 39 1 210 0.36
    HF0781 Single Phase 25 µm 115 22 3 179 0.53

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