Worldwide clean air regulations demand continued truck and car exhaust emissions reductions to protect the air we breathe. Most engine manufacturers have chosen Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) as one of their key new emissions technologies, and it requires Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to function. DEF fluid is a combination of Urea and de-mineralized water which needs filtration to ensure proper system function and lifetime.

  • H&V developed one of the first fully-synthetic media for urea filtration.
  • Our media is durable, easy to pleat, and withstands more than 1,000 freezing cycles while retaining the same filter performance.
  • Applications

    H&V offers a line of fully-synthetic, highly durable media to meet the requirements for Urea filtration:

    • You can rely on H&V’s fully-synthetic Urea media as a better performance alternative to cellulose grades. Synthetic media offers greater durability than cellulose media.
    • Solid performance means nothing without processing capability, and our media provides that as well. It has good pleatability and environmental durability.

    With mills in the U.S., Mexico, Germany, and China, H&V provides globally consistent products and short supply-chain lead times. H&V’s breadth of mill technologies also means we can create unique composites compounds from multiple lines. This combination ensures we deliver the best and most unique products on the market today.

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    UREA Media Grades

    Basis Weight
    Air Permeability
    (l/m2s @ 2mbar)
    Flow Resistance
    (Pa @ 32 LPM)
    (NaCl @ 95 lpm,
    100 cm2, %)
    PF1070A3-H Polypropylene Scrim with Meltblown 140 140 85 30
    PF1090B7-H Polypropylene Meltblown 231 80 180 25

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