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Hollingsworth & (H&V) is a global leader in filtration, separator, and energy storage solutions. We provide advanced materials that contribute to a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world. One of our newest products is PowerFill™, an enhanced absorbed glass-mat (AGM) separator for VRLA batteries. PowerFill addresses battery assembly challenges and improves battery performance.

PowerFill is an AGM separator enhancement. The enhancement is an innovative 3D design with channels on the surface of the AGM. The channels allow for faster and steadier acid flow throughout the AGM separator, improving gas escape while the acid is flowing. PowerFill technology can be included in H&V’S reinforced EnergyGuard products.

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Why Use PowerFill Separators?

Filling tests reveal that PowerFill AGM separators can improve electrolyte filling, decreasing battery filling time. Additionally, PowerFill demonstrates improved AGM separator electrolyte uniformity when compared to standard AGM separators. The key benefits of PowerFill separators include: 

  • Faster filling operations. PowerFill reduces the acid-filling time during battery assembly. The AGM separator channels improve the speed at which the electrolyte migrates to the center of the plate and allow entrapped gas to escape, which decreases the risk of dry spots and black spots forming and the amount of required vacuum time. As a result, PowerFill can improve battery production throughput.  
  • Better filling results. In addition to the speed of filling operations, PowerFill can improve the results of filling operations. By offering reduced acid-filling time and improved gas escape, it increases the acid concentration near the center, diminishes the amount of sulfate in formed plates, and decreases the number of dry or black spots generated.
  • Greater battery performance. PowerFill allows for more even formation. The technology enables more of the active mass within the battery to be utilized; therefore, it improves battery capacity and overall performance. 

Besides these advantages, PowerFill AGM is similar to standard AGM separators. It has the same mechanical properties, pore structure, compression curve, and thickness retention.


What Applications Do PowerFill Separators Serve?

PowerFill™ is ideal for taller, hard-to-fill batteries and should be considered for the following applications: 

  • Data centers
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial trucks (forklifts)
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Commercial trucks
  • Other devices and systems that require uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)

PowerFill Separators From H&V

At H&V, we design and manufacture our battery separators to meet the highest standards for performance and battery assembly. To learn more about our advanced material offerings and how they are used in batteries, contact us today. We can be your trusted partner and expert for your battery solution needs.