Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V) is a leading source of advanced materials for high-efficiency filtration applications. We provide filter media solutions for a broad range of critical filtration applications, including vacuum pre-filters, bags, and exhaust filters. From our highly engineered microfiberglass HEPA and ULPA filter media to our performance-leading synthetic composites (e.g., AlphaPerm®, Nanoweb®, Technostat®), our filter media offers high particulate efficiency and low pressure drop and is designed and constructed to meet the strictest requirements.

What Is the Role of Filters and Filter Media in Vacuum Cleaners?

Numerous studies have found that indoor air pollution is generally much greater than outdoor air pollution and has been shown to have a significant effect on human health. Indoor air contains pollutants from both inside and outside of the building; typical sources of pollutants include combustion, chemicals, off-gassing from building materials, dirt and dust, mold and mildew, pollen, and pet hair/dander. These compounds can cause a variety of ill effects in humans, including allergies and respiratory issues. 

Vacuum cleaners can have a major effect on indoor air quality (IAQ). While they are used to clean surfaces by picking up dust and debris in industrial, commercial, and residential facilities, the vacuum cleaner filtration system is the critical component for capturing, collecting, and trapping the dust and debris. The heart of the filtration system is the filtration media. H&V’s filtration media enables higher filtration efficiency with lower pressure drop, which translates to a better vacuum cleaner with more suction power, lower noise levels, reduced energy consumption, and better indoor air quality.

What Types of Vacuum Cleaners Are Available?

Vacuum cleaners are widely used in industrial and residential facilities. 

  • In industrial facilities, vacuum cleaners generally have a canister-type design. They are capable of collecting a high volume of dirt and debris. 
  • In residential facilities, the types of vacuum cleaners are more varied. They can include canister-type with bags or cyclones, upright with bags or cyclones, stick with cyclones, handheld with cyclones, and robotic with cyclones. 

What Types of Filters and Filter Media Are Used in Vacuum Cleaners?

In addition to the overall design of the vacuum cleaner, the type of filter and filter media used varies from application to application. The three main types of filters found in a vacuum cleaner are: 

Vacuum Bag Filters

Bag filters are available in many variations depending on the efficiency and price point sought by the manufacturer. H&V offers a range of high-performance media suitable for bag filters. Types include meltblown, SMS, NanoWave®, and Technostat®. Filtration solutions are developed in close cooperation with the OEM and/or filter manufacturer.

Vacuum Pre-Motor Filters

Pre-motor filters serve as pre-filters. They protect the motor and extend the life of the final exhaust filter. H&V’s Technostat® is widely used in pre-filter applications. This high-performance media offers high filtration efficiency with a very low pressure drop.

Vacuum Exhaust Filters

H&V offers Nanoweb 100% synthetic and PerForm® microfiberglass filter media for use in mini-pleated exhaust filters. They are available in HEPA and ULPA efficiencies, allowing the air exiting the vacuum cleaner to be at least 99.97% efficient. Technostat is also used as a standalone or exhaust pre-filter in some applications. Its main advantage is that it provides high-efficiency filtration without pleating.

Why Choose H&V’s Vacuum Cleaner Filter Media Solutions?

Hollingsworth & Vose offers a broad selection of filtration solutions for high-performance vacuum cleaners. From bag filters to final exhaust filters, our innovative filtration media provides high particulate efficiency, low energy consumption, and long filter life. Our R&D and manufacturing facilities located in the Americas, Europe, and Asia enable us to serve the global market. To learn more about our vacuum cleaner filter solutions, contact us today.

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