We manufacture a wide variety of fiber-based materials for commercial and defense airframe, engine components, satellites, and other lightweight composite structures. From solving contamination issues with liquid and gas filter media, sealing components exposed to extreme environments and vibration, reducing weight to meet fuel and payload goals, and solving complex structural issues, H&V’s nonwoven and specialty paper materials deliver performance and value.

H&V uses wet-laid, dry-laid, meltblown, needlepunch, and other fiber-forming technologies to meet the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry.

  • High- and ultra-high-efficiency filtration media
  • HVAC filtration media
  • Fuel, hydraulic, and lube oil filtration media
  • Seal and gasket materials for extreme environments
  • Thermal insulation materials
  • EMI shielding and low observable webs
  • Surfacing veils and mats for fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP)

H & V Products for Aerospace

H&V Molecular Filter Media – MFM (also Adsorptive Filter Media – AFM) create healthier passenger environment by cleaning the polluted outside air of dust, pollen, soot, harmful gases and noxious odors – this is of greater importance to allergic, asthmatics and children.
HEPA and ULPA filter media provide sterile production spaces in semi-conductor and industrial cleanrooms.
Coalescers remove liquids from gases—water, oil, and other fluid contaminants are trapped with our media's unique surface structure and gradient density.
H&V’s Safe-N-Shielded fiber based veils combine, highly conductive metalized fibers with low surface area for excellent shielding efficiency.
Developed for heavy duty air, automotive, and commercial vehicle engine air filters, H&V’s engine intake media set the standard by offering low restriction and exceptional dust-holding capacity.
H&V provides filtration media for an array of fuel applications to meet industry codes and specifications.
Filtration media for liquid/liquid separation to remove water from petroleum-based liquids such as diesel, jet fuel, and hydraulic fluid.
Our glass and synthetic HVAC filter media offer low pressure drop, high energy efficiency, and long filter life for residential and industrial systems.
H&V's newest products for hydraulic filtration deliver required particle removal efficiency, energy savings and longer filter life.
Our range of media for liquid filtration applications including residential and municipal drinking water, waste water, desalination, biomedical, food and beverage, gas, and oil drilling and processing.
H&V custom blends 100% synthetic fiber to form wet-laid nonwoven veils and mats to unique specifications.

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