Automotive Background and Trends

In almost every region of the world government regulators have outlined a decarbonization roadmap.  The light passenger vehicle has some of the most stringent carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions targets to include zero carbon emissions by 2030-2050 depending on the region of the world.   In order to meet these aggressive targets, advanced battery technology is needed.

The Automotive manufacturers are placing more requirements on the 12V advanced lead battery to address the CO2 emissions regulation.  The 12V requirements are increasing for every powertrain vehicle to include mild and full-hybrid and the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).  In prior years, the 12V battery would exclusively power vehicle electronics and remain at full State of Charge.  However, today the 12V advanced battery must operate in Partial State of Charge (PSoC) during Stop/Start events powering the entire vehicle when the engine is off.  Further, the advanced lead battery is responsible for enabling BEV vehicles to be steered and stopped off the roadway if the Li-Ion propulsion battery fails.  

The AGM advanced lead battery has been proven in the Stop/Start powertrain and is the 12V advanced battery of choice for future powertrains to include the BEV.

What is an AGM Battery?

AGM batteries, or absorbent glass mat batteries, are a technological improvement to traditional flooded lead batteries. Over the years, AGM has become the advance lead battery choice in the automotive industry.  One of the most notable advantages of AGM batteries is that they typically last longer than flooded alternatives, making them a great choice for passenger vehicles. 

AGM separator provides compression against the electrodes preventing the active mass from shedding.  The additional compression, versus a traditional flooded battery, ensures the advanced AGM battery lasts longer especially when batteries are more prone to failure in PSoC.

What Types of AGM Separators are Used in Passenger Vehicles and What are Their Benefits?

All-glass AGM separators for passenger vehicles are designed to improve battery performance and withstand PSoC operations to improve battery life.

Other benefits of H&V all-glass AGM separators for passenger vehicles include:

  • Available in various configuration options to meet processability needs
  • Lower electrical resistance improving battery performance
  • Offered in a range of surface areas to improve electrolyte filling and cycle life
  • Best-in-class thickness retention increasing battery life
  • Ideal for powertrains with Stop/Start functionality, mild/full-hybrid, and BEV

AGM Battery Separators from H&V

It’s critical that passenger vehicles use proven AGM separators to address CO2 government regulation.  H&V is the global leader partnering and supplying AGM to the automotive market.  Our battery separators offer the highest standards for performance and battery assembly. To learn more about our product offerings, or for more information about how our AGM battery separators can benefit passenger vehicles, contact us today.

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