Hollingsworth & Vose relies on a diverse range of voices in our operation to help us create better products. Our organization is truly committed to building a workplace where all voices are welcomed and heard. We’re developing new internal processes to ensure we’re continuously seeking talent from diverse backgrounds, reflecting our commitment to building an equitable workplace. Creating an environment in which all voices are welcomed and understood is something we believe is essential in our everyday life.

Culture has been an important element at Hollingsworth & Vose for a long time. We’ve built a positive and inviting culture with an open commitment to integrity. We have many employees who have been here 20, 30, and even 40 years. Many of our employees have also brought family members into the business, so we have multiple generations of employees at all of our facilities.


Different perspectives ignite creativity and drive innovation. We welcome people of any race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, language, ability, age, and political perspective. H&V is where it is today because of our diverse team, and having those unique perspectives on board is what will carry us forward. There is no future without it.

The H&V team is striving to create and maintain a company culture that values and embraces the diversity of thought, allowing us to engage with one another and our society.


We are working to establish protocols to ensure fair treatment and equal opportunity for everyone within our organization and for those who seek to join us. The causes of inequality are varied and complex, but we’re dedicated to doing our part in the larger battle for equality in society. We’re committed to the growth needed to enact substantive reforms, and we’re committed to building a community of respect and impartiality. We hope that our initiatives will serve as an example to other enterprises and individuals.


We believe it’s essential that each person, no matter their background or perspective, feels welcome at the table and encouraged to share their ideas. If employees can’t participate fully, their unique skills go unutilized.

Instead, we’ve chosen to uplift our collective voice, to ensure every person we’ve hired to join our team can use their skills and ideas to make a positive impact on the company, their coworkers, our clients, and the entire community. The strongest companies find a balance of power between inspirational leadership and a team that is empowered to contribute to the success of the company.

At H&V, we’ll continue to evaluate our processes to ensure our efforts facilitate a safe, inviting workplace for all. Contact us to learn more about the policies and procedures we’ve adopted to build a fair, inclusive organization, or for more information about our products and capabilities.