A cleanroom is a controlled environment used for highly sensitive manufacturing operations, healthcare facilities, and scientific research laboratories. The level of cleanliness in a cleanroom is defined by the allowable concentration of airborne particles, with other environmental parameters (e.g., temperature, air pressure, and humidity) controlled as necessary. Cleanrooms are widely used in the medical, life sciences, and electronics industries. Efficiently and reliably maintaining the level of cleanliness needed for these sensitive applications necessitates the use of innovative filtration technology. In addition to airborne particulates, airborne molecular contamination is an increasingly important environmental control parameter requiring molecular or gas phase filtration.

For your most critical filtration applications, you can trust the experts at Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V). We are the global leader in HEPA and ULPA filtration. Our industry-leading filtration solutions control particulate and gas-phase contamination with lower energy consumption, affecting a significant portion of cleanroom operating costs. H&V cleanroom filtration media continues to set the standard for performance, quality, and reliability. 

What Is the Role of Filters and Filter Media in Cleanrooms?

The filtration system is the heart of the cleanroom and is what keeps the cleanroom free of contaminants that can interfere with the quality of the product or process. Cleanrooms utilize multiple stages of particulate and gas-phase filters to remove contaminants from the environment. The flow of air in a cleanroom is carefully engineered to facilitate the removal of impurities. Filter media and filter design play a major role in ensuring the desired airflow characteristics of a cleanroom and the energy costs to operate them.

What Types of Filters and Filter Media Are Used in Cleanrooms?

HEPA- and ULPA-rated filters are the key filter types used to achieve the extremely high air cleanliness standards required in cleanrooms. They range in particulate capture efficiency from 99.95% up to 99.999995%, depending on the filter classification. These filter types are often used in constant service for many years, which highlights the criticality of their quality and reliability. They must deliver the expected filtration performance to safeguard the cleanroom environment over a lifetime that can span up to 10 years.

HEPA and ULPA filters capture and collect airborne particulates through the use of a complex three-dimensional fine fiber “web”. This microfiber- and nanofiber-based matrix is designed to trap contaminants through various modes of filtration, such as sieving, interception, diffusion, or inertial impaction. H&V offers high-performance HEPA and ULPA filter media.

What Are Some Common Applications of Cleanroom Filtration Systems?

Cleanroom filtration systems are necessary for a wide range of product and process applications, including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Airborne infection isolation areas
  • Pharmaceutical production and/or packaging
  • Pharmaceutical compounding
  • GMP facilities for biopharmaceutical production
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Laboratories
  • Semiconductor production
  • Electronics production
  • Nuclear

Why Choose H&V’s Cleanroom Filter Media Solutions?

At H&V, all of our high-efficiency cleanroom filter media are engineered for superior filtration performance, low pressure drop, and outstanding pleatability. The best filter media makes the best filters. Our broad product range includes:

  • Microglass media: suitable for mini-pleat, deep-pleat, and compact filters with superior processing characteristics and a 10% to 15% lower pressure drop compared to competitive media with the same efficiency
  • Molecular filtration media (MFM): designed for pleat applications to remove molecular/gas-phase contaminants
  • Formit media: delivers high mechanical strength and enhanced water resistance 
  • Low boron microglass media: for semiconductor and integrated circuit cleanrooms
  • Nanoweb® synthetic media: the Next Generation of HEPA/ULPA filtration media with extremely low pressure drop and outstanding durability

To learn more about our filtration solutions and how they can benefit your cleanroom application, contact us today.

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