Hollingsworth & Vose’s Sustainability Report culminates our efforts across three pillars: People, Planet and Performance. While embracing our history and culture, this report aims to provide a transparent outline of our material topics and areas of impact, along with a strategic vision for sustainability at H&V for years to come. We are eager to share how we have been progressing across our three pillars of sustainability and how we ultimately strive to leave a positive impact on our people, our communities and the global environment. Click here or the guide below to get your copy today!

2022 Sustainability Report

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Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V) is a leading manufacturer of advanced materials for energy, filtration, and industrial applications worldwide. We incorporate state-of-the-art materials into cleanroom filtration systems, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings, vehicles, and heavy industrial equipment, among many other applications.

As one of the world’s leading filtration media providers, we understand the need for environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and sustainable growth. In keeping with our core values of integrity, commitment, and innovation, we are working to establish a sustainable business model focused on the following three areas:

Sustainability from H&V


We are committed to treating all people with respect and dignity. We want to ensure that all our employees have a safe and healthy work environment and adhere to a robust code of ethics that ensures fairness and integrity throughout every aspect of our business. To this end, we strive to support the communities we operate in through civic engagement and strategic philanthropy.


Our environmental focus extends beyond regulatory compliance and into continuous process improvement. We look to prioritize efficient natural resource usage in all of our operations to reduce our environmental impact. We also focus heavily on reducing and eliminating the use of any process chemicals or materials that may be harmful to the environment.


At H&V, we base our performance metrics on achieving economic growth through sustainable long-term business practices. We ensure that our customers receive high-quality, high-value solutions. When establishing business relationships and partnerships, we seek to hold our entire value chain to the same ethical and sustainable standards we use internally. We have a zero-tolerance policy for corruption and abuse.

Products for a Cleaner World

As a manufacturer of some of the most advanced filtration materials in the world, we consider it our duty to support global efforts for healthier air and water. The concerns of poor indoor air quality, unsafe drinking water, and its harmful effects on human health are real. We are committed to being at the forefront of a cleaner world.

H&V has emphasized better health and air quality for more than 80 years. It all started when we developed filter media for the U.S military in 1941 which allowed us to lay the foundation for our HEPA air filtration media you know of today. We believe that our work will help shape a safer, prosperous future.


Our Nanowave® synthetic filter is a prime example of our dedication to providing a cleaner and more sustainable world. This filter efficiently removes dangerous air pollutants to create clean, fresh air. A highly efficient medium, the Nanowave filter improves indoor air quality in commercial, residential, and industrial settings while reducing energy consumption. Efficiently improving indoor air quality is a crucial goal for our company, and we invest continuously in the development of technologies to this end.

As a sustainable filtration leader, we continue to push the boundaries of air and liquid filtration knowledge. We manufacture our extensive selection of filtration media to protect people, equipment, and the environment in various settings.

Learn More: NanoWave® – Innovation for a Cleaner World™

Battery Separators for Automotive Start-Stop Engines

As a leading supplier of battery separators in start-stop engines, we have contributed to the evolution and expansion of this technology that significantly reduces vehicle emissions. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, start-stop technology can considerably increase the efficiency of cars and hybrid vehicles. In hybrids, the use of start-stop can reduce fuel use and increase efficiency between 27%-35%.

Start-stop engines are not a simple luxury. The burden this puts on the battery is strenuous and requires a battery separator that can handle the intermittent demand. Without a high-quality separator material, we don’t have this new element to improve the efficiency and eco-friendliness of the automotive industry.

Our energy solutions continue to facilitate a greener world through a multitude of industries not limited to automotive. If our products can help our customers accomplish their goals and achieve sustainability, H&V is making the impact we envisioned.

Sustainable Solutions From Hollingsworth and Vose

At Hollingsworth & Vose, we understand the importance of sustainable products from environmental and ethical perspectives. We are committed to developing and manufacturing products that are sustainably and ethically produced. To learn more about our sustainable products and operations, contact us today.