For more than 165 years, H&V has combined high quality materials with leading technical expertise in papermaking and nonwoven manufacturing to develop market leading, innovative materials for your application. We offer:

  • More than 70 subject-matter-expert scientists located in six global Technology centers 
  • Cutting-edge research tools including predictive furnish and performance modeling
  • Global flat sheet and element testing capabilities
  • Experience setting industry benchmarks via participation in global standards committees
  • Broad array of pilot and production equipment for filtration media and battery separator

Process Capabilities

Process capabilities

H&V offers the widest selection of process technologies and pilot machines for air and liquid filtration applications and battery separator materials.

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Testing Standards

Testing standards

H&V operates a global state of the art test facility—the Mark Hollingsworth Global Test Center—in Suzhou, China, as well as specific regional centers of excellence. Our expert technicians are capable of testing materials against global filtration and battery standards.

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