As a leader in advanced materials for filtration, Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V) offers a range of filter media solutions suitable for use in analytical applications. 

What Is the Role of Filters and Filter Media in the Analytical Market?

The analytical market handles the measurement, analysis, and categorization of processes. These critical operations rely on various materials, such as test strips, laboratory filters and papers, test filters, weighing paper, qualitative standard filter paper, and other porous materials.

Which Current Analytical Market Trends Are Affecting Filtration Solutions? 

In the analytical market, new trends have affected which materials are used in operations. The current trends influencing analytical material solutions are: 

  • The demand for quality and consistency. Analytical companies and their customers require materials that ensure uniformity and consistency in products.  
  • The introduction of new measurement methods and analysis needs. The analytical market is driven by the development of new measurement methods and the establishment of new analysis needs, both of which guide material usage.  
  • The increase in digitization efforts. The creation of new digital analytical methods has spurred the development of new digital analytical products, which often require advanced material solutions.
  • The desire for repeatability and contamination-free operations. Analytical products are used to generate data important to various decision-making processes. As such, they must be capable of producing repeatable, contamination-free results. 

Why Choose H&V’s Analytical Filter Media Solutions?

As a premier provider of advanced materials for filtration applications, Hollingsworth & Vose offers a range of filter media solutions for the analytical market, including: 

  • Trupor®. This sub-micron family of products can be made from various polymers and is available in several traditional microfiltration grades (0.65 microns, 0.45 microns, and 0.20 microns). It is used in high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), syringe filters, extraction thimbles, and other specialty applications. 
  • Wetlaid glass products. Wetlaid glass products are available in grades ranging from 10 micron to 0.20 micron.
  • Wetlaid quartz products. Wetlaid quartz products are employed in analytical products around the world. 
  • Wetlaid cellulose products. Wetlaid cellulose products are available in grades ranging from 50 micron to 1 micron. 
    • Meltblown products. Meltblown products are available in polypropylene (PP), polyester (PBT), and nylon, and grades ranging from 30 micron down to 0.80 micron.
  • Air filtration products. Liquid filtration applications often require air filtration solutions. H&V air filter media is available in HEPA and sub-HEPA grades. 

H&V is a worldwide leader of advanced filtration materials. Our commitment to innovation, combined with our vast network of R&D and manufacturing facilities and sales representatives, enables us to deliver high-quality material solutions to customers in a variety of industries across the globe. To learn more about our products and how they support the analytical market, contact us today. 

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