Telecommunication Background and Trends

The telecommunications segment consists of companies that transmit data, voice, audio, or video across the globe.  There is an increasing trend towards wireless transmission which is currently supported in many regions of the world by the fourth-generation long-term evolution (4G LTE).  Consumers are demanding faster speeds, more data, security, and other features which is requiring a 5G technology upgrade to the telecommunication networks.

The amount of critical data that is being transmitted is growing with the dawn of the Internet of Things.  This makes the telecommunications network even more important today, and more so tomorrow as technology advances.  The AGM battery plays an essential role in the telecommunications network.  If the electric grid becomes unstable, AGM battery backup powers the network and ensures the flow of data and voice. 

What is an AGM Battery?

AGM batteries, or absorbent glass mat batteries, are a technological improvement to traditional flooded lead batteries. Over the years, AGM has become the advance lead battery choice in global telecommunication networks due to its reliability, scalability, and maintenance-free design. 

The AGM battery has been the global choice backing up telecommunication networks.  AGM batteries are a proven technology, reliable, maintenance-free, safe, and recyclable.       

What Types of AGM Separators are Used in UPS applications and What are Their Benefits?

EnergyGuard® AGM separators for the telecommunication application are designed to improve processability and battery assembly.  Further, EnergyGuard increases battery performance and life. 

Other benefits of H&V EnergyGuard® AGM separators for the UPS application include:

  • Available in various configuration options to meet processability needs
  • Reinforced for improved processability and durability 
  • Lower electrical resistance improves battery performance
  • Offered in a range of surface areas to improve electrolyte filling and cycle life
  • Best-in-class thickness retention increasing battery life
  • Ideal for float charge in telecommunications

AGM Battery Separators from H&V

It’s essential that telecommunication providers use proven AGM separators to back up their networks ensuring the flow of data and voice.  H&V is a global leader partnering and supplying AGM separators to the telecommunications segment.  Our battery separators offer the highest standards for performance and battery assembly. To learn more about our product offerings, or for more information about how our AGM battery separators can benefit the telecommunications application, contact us today.

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