Poor indoor air quality has been linked to many health issues including respiratory illness. H&V’s filtration technologies for residential appliances create healthy, clean, and safe home environments while using the least amount of energy.

  • AlphaPerm® 100 % synthetic meltblown air filtration media offers 40% lower resistance compared to standard meltblown media, and is highly charged with excellent pleatability on backer, rotary, and blade pleaters.
  • H&V’s Technostat® appliance filter media offer 30% to 50% lower resistance at a specified efficiency than any technology available on the market. This makes it ideal for small-space applications that require high efficiency with very low resistance—the type required by pre- and post-vacuum cleaner and room air cleaner filter applications.
  • Technostat’s filtration performance, stability, and durability are ideal for vacuum cleaner primary filters; the media’s extended charge-holding capability means longer filter life.

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