Motorcycle Background and Trends

Motorcycles are popular vehicles for recreation and transportation.  Further, they are commonly used in regions of the world where there is high traffic or roadway infrastructure is improving. These vehicles are subject to extreme conditions such as high road vibration and high temperatures, which can impact the longevity of the battery. As a result, Motorcycles require batteries with long life and dependable engine cranking power. At Hollingsworth & Vose, we are a leading supplier of battery separators that offer several benefits for many applications, including motorcycles. 

What is an AGM Battery Separator?

AGM batteries, or absorbent glass mat batteries, are a technological improvement to traditional flooded lead batteries. Over the years, AGM has become the advanced lead battery choice in the automotive industry.  One of the most notable advantages of AGM batteries is that they typically last longer than flooded alternatives, making them a great choice for motorcycles. 

AGM separator provides compression against the electrodes preventing the active mass from shedding.  The additional compression, versus a traditional flooded battery, ensures the advanced AGM battery can withstand roadway impact and vibration for longer motorcycle battery life. 

What Types of AGM Separators are Used in Motorcycles and What are Their Benefits?

EnergyGuard® AGM separators for motorcycles are designed to withstand the toughest road conditions to ensure smooth and safe vehicle operation. The two main benefits of our EnergyGuard® AGM separators include improved customer processability and proven performance on even the highest vibration roads. 

Other benefits of H&V EnergyGuard® AGM separators for motorcycles include:

  • Available in various configuration options to meet various motorcycle needs
  • Enhanced mechanical strength properties to improve battery assembly
  • Manage high-speed assembly to meet complex production requirements
  • Improved thickness retention increasing battery life
  • Ideal for motorcycles with stop-start systems

AGM Battery Separators from H&V

Since motorcycles are often operated for long periods of time under extreme conditions, it’s important that they utilize durable and long-lasting battery solutions. H&V EnergyGuard battery separators offer the highest standards for performance and battery assembly. We also offer specialty separators for a wide range of battery chemistries and applications. To learn more about our product offerings, or for more information about how our AGM battery separators can benefit motorcycle applications, contact us today.

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