What Is a Hydraulic Filter Media?

Hydraulic filter media is the critical component within a hydraulic system to remove damaging particulates by forcing hydraulic fluid through a porous media. The filter media catches contaminants and prevents them from re-entering the fluid flow and damaging other pieces of equipment further downstream.

What Are Some Common Types of Hydraulic Filter Media?

Hollingsworth & Vose Company has a wide variety of Hydraulic media used for a wide range of applications depending on the desired efficiency and/or lifetime for a particular application. Each type has been highly engineered to optimize materials, structure, resin chemistry, and other characteristics. Common materials used in hydraulic media are micro-fiberglass, resin-impregnated cellulose, and polyester. In addition, a hydraulic filter media may contain several layers of different materials depending on the requirements. The materials are combined and bonded together to provide a single composite filter media.

What Are Common Applications of Hydraulics?

Hollingsworth & Vose is the leading source of hydraulic filtration media for a broad range of applications, from construction and agriculture to aerospace. Hydraulic filters remove impurities from liquids in fluid streams. In all hydraulic applications, the main purpose is to provide good protection by removing fine particulates within the system while using less energy possible (pressure drop) and for a longer time as possible (dust holding capacity).

Why Choose H&V’s Hydraulic Filter Media Solutions?

Hollingsworth & Vose offers a broad selection of filtration solutions for high-performance hydraulic systems. Our R&D and manufacturing facilities located in the Americas, Europe, and Asia enable us to serve the global market. To learn more about our coalescer filter solutions, contact us today.

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