Filtration media

Filtration Solutions

Media to protect people, machines and the global environment—our focus on filtration and separation allows us to understand your applications and process needs. Explore our extensive product lines and see how we can help improve your filter products.

Filtration Solutions

Air Filtration

From cabin air to cleanroom applications, H&V develops high performance media using a variety of materials and technologies. With our breadth of process capabilities and locations, we are the world leader in the air filtration market.

Liquid Filtration

Liquid Filtration

Many industrial processes rely on fluids that can easily become contaminated with unwanted solids at various stages. These contaminants can affect the efficiency of processes and damage the processing equipment, both of which can negatively impact the facility’s bottom line. For these reasons, industry professionals often incorporate liquid filtration systems in their process lines. Liquid filtration systems utilize porous materials to collect and remove unwanted solid particles from a fluid stream. The porous materials—also known as filter media—come in three main variations: mechanical, chemical, and biological. Each offers unique advantages that make it suitable for different filtration applications. Looking for filter media you can trust in your most critical liquid filtration applications? Hollingsworth & Vose (H& V) has got you covered! We have an extensive selection of advanced materials that offer superior performance in demanding environments. They can be used to filter a variety of liquids, including fuel, fuel/water, hydraulic fluids, lube/oil, process fluids/water, and urea.

Advanced fiber nonwovens

Advanced Fiber Nonwovens

Advanced Fiber Nonwovens (AFN) deliver electrical properties, chemical resistance, or improved surface finish to fiber reinforced plastic materials.



H&V produces natural and synthetic fiber embroidery backing, waistband interlining, and garment care labels.

Home furnishings

Home Furnishings

UV stable window coverings, textured and patterned acoustic ceiling tile facer, and light filtering or blocking Hovotex Drapery Buckram are H&V home furnishing nonwovens.

Industrial nonwovens

Industrial Nonwovens

H&V Industrial nonwovens consist of stationery fastener substrate, substrate for harsh indoor and outdoor applications, and sew-in labels that can stay put or disperse in water.

Filtration Solutions

Electret Filter Media

Electret Filter media has a triboelectric force that attracts submicron particles against the surface of the fibers in the media. By relying on a higher degree of electrostatic charge the pore size distribution can be much higher in an electret media versus a fully mechanical media which relies on interception, diffusion and inertial impaction. The larger pore size or the gaps between the fibers of an electret media creates a very low pressure drop. Due to the lofty structure of electret media it also has a very highdust holding capacity.

A proper electret media is best used where space is constrained to maximize value The constrained space will allow for a die-cut part or dramatically reduce the area of filter media used in a pleated configuration.. But not all electret media are created equal. H&V’s Technostat is the leading electret product in the market, providing the lowest pressure drop available at a given effiency.




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Meltblown Filter Media

At Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V), we are a premier supplier of advanced materials for high-efficiency filtration applications. One of our core product offerings is meltblown filter media.

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