At Hollingsworth & Vose, we are an industry-leading supplier of coalescer filtration media for various applications, including pneumatic power, chemical, and pharmaceutical settings. Our coalescer filters efficiently eliminate impurities and separate certain gases or liquids from process streams.

The coalescing process involves agglomerating individual molecules to form larger droplets, which are then separated from the media through gravity. Coalescer filters remove submicronic water, oil, and solid contaminants from process streams. The most common use for fluids is to remove water from oil or vice versa. The most common use for gases is to remove liquid or solid particles from the gas.

Learn more about coalescer filter media, including their benefits and applications.

What Is Coalescer Filter Media?

A coalescing filter is a device that separates certain liquid and gas particulates from liquid and gas media. Coalescer filter media comprises multiple material layers, which differ depending on filtration requirements. These materials bond to form a single filter media. Coalescer filters generally follow these standard steps:

  1. Capture the droplets.
  2. Combine the droplets into larger droplets.
  3. Separate the large droplets from the process stream via gravity.

Coalescer filter elements are produced from materials such as synthetic fibers, borosilicate micro-fiberglass, and thermoplastic resins.

Benefits of Coalescer Filter Media

Companies and organizations use our coalescer filtration systems due to their impressive features and benefits, which include:

  • Broad surface area, which leads to lower pressure drops
  • Keeping contaminants from affecting downstream equipment
  • 98% micron rating for efficiency
  • Removing a maximum quantity of liquid and solid particulates from gas process streams
  • Long lifespan
  • Low maintenance and operational costs
  • Excellent solids holding
  • High-capacity flow rates

What Are Some Common Applications of Coalescer Filter Media?

Applications of coalescer filter media typically involve the separation of hydrocarbon compounds—like oil—from water. Other applications include:

  • Removing liquid and solid particulates from airstreams and hydrocarbon products during processing and refining
  • Filtering aircraft fuel
  • Compressing natural gas
  • Removing oil from water
  • Removing liquids from hydrocarbons
  • Separating oil in refrigerants
  • Filtering process streams in refineries and petrochemical plants
  • Producing fertilizers
  • Filtering industrial steam

Why Choose Hollingsworth & Vose Coalescer Filter Media Solutions?

At Hollingsworth & Vose, we provide a wide range of filtration solutions for high-efficiency coalescing systems. In the following graph, we are showing our product offering for the compressed air segment where air-oil separation is critical to limit oil carryover with the lowest pressure drop possible.

We have various research and development facilities in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, which allow us to serve international markets. Our global capabilities give us a competitive advantage over other companies when it comes to providing reliable, timely filtration solutions to the world.

H&V has the technology and experience to manufacture state-of-the-art filtration solutions for your application. Our advanced coalescer media is specially designed to offer maximum filtration for almost any system. With our unique filtration solutions, you can enjoy improved system efficiency, reduced warranty costs, and longer equipment service life.

Contact us to learn more about our coalescer filter separators and other solutions.

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