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At Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V), we are committed to providing advanced material solutions for filtration and energy storage applications that contribute to a cleaner world. One of our core product offerings is pasting paper, which is used as a processing aid in lead battery assembly and can also contribute to improving battery performance. 

Our PowerLock® pasting paper is a multifunctional material engineered to lock in the power of active mass electrodes. It offers excellent processability and extends thin plate pure lead (TPPL) battery life. 

Why Use PowerLock® Pasting Paper?

PowerLock® is a novel product design containing soluble and glass fibers. The product’s composition provides it with a unique set of characteristics that allows it to serve as a replacement for cellulose pasting paper, glass mat, or scrim in battery assemblies. 

Before formation, PowerLock’s fiber mix contains soluble fibers and insoluble glass and synthetic fibers. It is excellent for pasting since its low permeability prevents paste mix mass bleeding better than non-woven glass and scrim pasting papers. After formation, the soluble fibers dissolve, leaving behind the glass and synthetic fibers. The result is a strong, open structure material layer with lower electrical resistance. 

Key advantages of PowerLock include: 

  • It improves positive active mass processibility since it is a durable one-layer material.
  • It decreases the risk of paste mix bleeding during the pasting process due to its low pre-processing permeability.  
  • It has demonstrated it can reduce airborne lead values.
  • It provides stiffness to TPPL plates improving handling during battery assembly.
  • It increases battery life by retaining positive active mass in-battery.
  • It offers reduced electrical resistance after formation due to its high post-formation permeability. 
  • It prevents battery compression loss by maintaining its structural integrity. 

What Are Some Common Applications of PowerLock® Pasting Paper?

PowerLock® is an ideal pasting paper solution for thin plate pure lead (TPPL) batteries. It offers easier use requirements and better battery performance than many of the alternatives. 

PowerLock® Pasting Paper From H&V

At H&V, we design and manufacture our battery separators to meet or exceed our customers’ highest standards for performance and battery assembly. They are available in a range of variants to suit different applications. To learn more about our advanced material offerings and how they are used in lead batteries, contact us today. We can be your trusted partner and expert for your lead battery solution needs.