CabinPro™ – More Health, Comfort and Safety for Vehicle Operators and Passengers

Hollingsworth & Vose carries an array of different types of cabin air filter media, from basic entry level solutions to highest performing composite structures.

Our patented filter media solutions, united under the CabinPro™ Brand, cover a wide range of applications: Cars (ICE, EV, Hybrid), Heavy-Duty Trucks, Commercial vehicles, Busses, Off-Road vehicles, Agricultural and Aerospace applications.

With their superior performance, CabinPro™ products ensure the essential – Improved Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) by:

  • Improving Passenger Health: Protection against dust, particles, fine particles, gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Improving Passenger Comfort: Protection against allergens, odors and ozone
  • Improving Driving Safety: Less window fogging and reduction in driver/operator distractions

CabinPro™ – Numerous Product Options for Best-in-Class Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ)

Hollingsworth & Vose is dedicated to creating air filtration solutions that contribute to a safer, cleaner future.

The CabinPro™ brand reflects our ability to provide well-known H&V brands for Cabin Air filtration, as well as combine those into composite and combination media products, offering best-in-class solutions to improve Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ).

H&V’s CabinPro™ Solutions encompass a wide variety of particulate, adsorption and combination media:

CabinPro™ ET

Standard Protection Level

  • From Entry level performance Meltblown media, to higher performing Meltblown Combination media and Technostat® solutions
  • For effective particulate as well as gas, odor and VOC removal

CabinPro™ MT

Advanced Protection Level

  • Particulate, Composite and Combination media featuring patented H&V’s AlphaPerm® and Technostat® technologies as well as different performance levels of activated carbon media
  • For a next level in removing dangerous particles as well as numerous gases, odors and VOCs

CabinPro™ XT

Superior Protection Level

  • Up to HEPA efficiency (EN1822, ISO29463) high-performing particulate media, as well as multilayered Composites featuring Technostat®, AlphaPerm® and NanoWeb® Technologies and various combinations with high-performing Carbon Adsorption Layers
  • For best-in-class protection against different particles including fine particles (PM1, PM 2.5) as well as various gases, odors and VOCs such as Sulfur dioxide, n-Butane, Toluene, Ammonia, Nitrogen Oxide and Aldehydes
CabinPro™ ET CabinPro™ MT CabinPro™ XT

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CabinPro™ Filter Media offer the best possible protection against particulate and gaseous contaminants, covering a wide range of performance levels.

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CabinPro™ ET, CabinPro™ MT and CabinPro™ XT product lines stand for standard, advanced and superior protection levels, to fit various application needs. Learn more about our products:

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CabinPro™ – Helping create a Cleaner, Healthier, more Sustainable World

CabinPro™ filter media are made without the use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) which are coming under increased regulatory and environmental scrutiny.

H&V’s CabinPro™ media not only improve Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) but also minimize the environmental impact of the filters after their service life.


In 2023, we completed a comprehensive evaluation of our sustainability practices with EcoVadis.

We are proud to announce we achieved a Silver Certification, which places H&V in the top 25% of companies rated by EcoVadis.

As we continue to innovate and evolve, we remain dedicated to advancing sustainability practices and contributing positively to the global community.

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Cabin air filters serve a vital role in improving the Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) and protecting the health and safety of vehicle passengers and drivers.

Cabin Air Filtration: 3d Image Depicting Cabin Air Filtration Systems.
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What distinguishes H&V from other filtration providers is our ability to innovate products and processes, our strategic partnerships, and the expertise of our employees. Together we are able to develop and deliver high-quality filtration solutions to protect people from harmful pollutants.

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