AlphaPerm® technology, a Hollingsworth & Vose innovation, is a cutting-edge filtration solution for use in applications such as N95 Respirators, Appliances, Cabin Air Filters, HVAC and many others. These segments benefit from AlphaPerm filtration media’s extremely low pressure drop even at high levels of efficiency, thus providing superior comfort, low noise levels, and low energy consumption. AlphaPerm technology can be used as a standalone layer, or as part of a composite alongside other Hollingsworth & Vose innovative technologies.

AlphaPerm filtration media is a 100% synthetic meltblown, delivering the highest levels of filtration efficiency while also minimizing air resistance, thus ensuring optimal comfort for a mask wearer or lower cost of ownership to a commercial HVAC operator. As the most widely used filtrations material in the world, it’s also found in appliance filtration systems such as room air filters. It’s the performance standard for commercial air handling applications. AlphaPerm filter media composites are highly charged, with superior pleatability on rotary and blade pleaters.


Why Use AlphaPerm®?

H&V’s AlphaPerm® meltblown media can provide 40% lower resistance than standard meltblown. This advantage can be leveraged in single-layer applications such as N95 respirators, or as an enabling technology within a composite for pleated configurations including cabin air, commercial and industrial HVAC, and room air purification.

AlphaPerm comes with many features that make it the best solution for filtration. Some of these key features include:

  • A design featuring 100% synthetic materials to provide reliable durability and superior resistance to damage throughout filter manufacturing and installation
  • Meets NIOSH N95, N99 and N100, and EN149 FFP2 and FFP3 standards after loading and heat aging as per respective standard
  • Availability in MERV 11, 13, 15, and 16
  • Lowest possible pressure drop product in its category for optimal performance
  • Designed to process on both blade and rotary pleaters for deep and mini pleat applications

Find AlphaPerm® and Other High-Quality Filtration Innovations

If you’re searching for reliable filter media for low pressure drop applications, Hollingsworth & Vose offers a wide selection of media. Our focus on research and development has enabled us to create the highest-performance filter media available on the market. In addition to our AlphaPerm products, we offer a diverse portfolio of market-leading technologies including Nanowave®, Technostat®, Nanoweb®, HEPA microfiber glass media, and MFM® media for odor removal of gases and organic vapor. You can learn more here about our AlphaPerm media and other products.

For additional information about any of our offerings or to discuss your specific requirements, contact us today. We’re ready to help you find the right filtration solution for your needs.