What is a Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Battery?

VRLA AGM batteries are similar to standard flooded lead batteries, but have some distinct design and construction characteristics that make them better suited for particular applications.  In an AGM battery, the acid is absorbed and immobilized by thin fiberglass mats between the plates.  Unlike Industrial flooded lead batteries, AGM batteries are maintenance-free and do not require electrolyte watering.  AGM batteries internally recombine gasses rather than externally venting.

AGM Batteries have the advantage of a low internal electrical resistance allowing AGM Batteries to discharge and charge at higher rates when compared to other sealed VRLA Gel batteries.  The plates in an AGM Battery may be of any shape making their design very flexible depending on the application requirements.  AGM batteries are used globally for both Automotive and Industrial applications.

What are key advantages of VRLA AGM Batteries?

  • They are maintenance-free
    • Electrolyte is absorbed within the glass mat. The gases are internally recombined preventing industrial battery electrolyte watering. Sealed AGM batteries prevent higher levels of hydrogen gassing which can be dangerous in some indoor or sensitive equipment applications.
  • They are spill-proof
    • Unlike traditional lead batteries, AGM batteries have glass mats that absorb the electrolyte preventing spillage. This is a benefit when the battery is designed to function inside the cabin of an automotive vehicle.
  • They have a high-power output and charge acceptance.
    • AGM batteries have low internal resistance. This enables AGM batteries to provide the necessary power to start an automotive vehicle or provide high rate backup power to a business. Further, and due to the low internal resistance, AGM batteries can charge quickly.
  • They have a longer lifespan
    • AGM batteries have a longer lifespan than traditional flooded batteries in automotive applications and many industrial applications. AGM separator provides compression against the electrodes preventing the active mass from shedding and enabling life in applications that cycle. The additional compression, versus a traditional flooded battery, also ensures the AGM battery can withstand roadway or maritime vibration.

What are some Common Applications of VRLA AGM Battery?

Many applications require low gassing and maintenance-free features.  For example, these features are often applicable in remote unmanned installations, enclosed areas with proximity to sensitive equipment, or where maintenance costs are expensive.  Further, AGM batteries are ideal to extend battery life in many cycling application to include the automotive industry. 


The Automotive manufacturers are placing more requirements on the 12V advanced lead battery to address the CO2emissions regulation.  The 12V requirements are increasing for every powertrain vehicle to include mild and full-hybrid and the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).  The AGM advanced lead battery has been proven in the Stop/Start powertrain and is the 12V advanced battery of choice for future powertrains to include the BEV.


The amount of critical data that is being transmitted is growing with the dawn of the Internet of Things.  This makes the telecommunications network even more important today, and more so tomorrow as technology advances.  The AGM battery plays an essential role in the telecommunications network.  If the electric grid becomes unstable, AGM battery backup powers the network and ensures the flow of data and voice. 

Data centers

Data centers depend on advanced AGM lead battery to backup critical information stored on servers.  If the grid is unstable, and is unable to provide power to a data center, then the AGM batteries power the servers.  The typical data center requirement is a high rate discharge between 5-15 minutes until generators are successfully operating.

Choosing an VRLA AGM Battery Separator from a Global Industry Leader

H&V’s offers AGM battery separators with the highest standards for performance and battery assembly. We also offer specialty separators for a wide range of battery chemistries and applications. To learn more about our product offerings, or for more information about how our AGM battery separators can benefit your applications, contact us today.


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