The fuel filtration system of engines provides cleaner fuel quality and guarantees to meet emission standards. Since the global upgrade of emission regulations, the HPCR system has been extensively applied in advanced diesel engines. The sophisticated and costly HPCR system requires high-standard fuel quality. Fine particles and even traces of water will cause damage to HPCR and ultimately create downtime for vehicles. H&V provides fuel filtration materials solutions with long service intervals in a leading position all while meeting the difficult requirements of emission regulations.

Since different countries and regions have uneven diesel oil levels, the guard period for the common rail system of diesel engines is facing huge challenges brought by different diesel oil levels. H&V has introduced ground-breaking EOL-FWS(End-of-Life Fuel Water Separation) filtration materials around the world. The fuel water separation efficiency can be maintained even when the filter has reached the end of service life. These filtration materials are widely applied in global mainstream trucks and construction machinery industry.

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H&V is a global leader in filtration and energy solutions. Our advanced materials are used in nearly every industry and touch every aspect of modern life. Worldwide, wherever you work, live or travel, an H&V solution is close by, helping to create a cleaner, healthier more sustainable world.